Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Electronics


Seminar: Quantum field theoretical methods of solid state physics (Knorr group)
Tuesday 14.15 EW 731 (see ISIS,  currently via Zoom)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Knorr

Dr. Alexander Carmele

Dr. Marten Richter

Students who want to acquire a seminar credit or find out more about a bachelor's or master's thesis are very welcome.


  • Quantum optics in nanostructures (photon statistics, non-classical light)

  • Electrons in atomically thin semiconductors and graphene Many-body effects (electron-phonon interaction, excitons, spin chains)

  • Quantum control of light emission (laser, single photon excitation, entangled photons) Feynman diagrams in non-linear optics, nano-optics and nanoplasmonics)

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