Theoretical Physics with Focus on Complex Fluids

Seminar Statistical Physics of Complex Fluids

In the seminar, new developments in the field of statistical physics of complex fluids are introduced and current research of our group is presented.

Our focus lies on

  •  Non-Markovian systems
  •  Structure formation and phase transitions (in external fields)
  •  Driven systems
  •  Active matter and microswimmers
  •  Stochastic thermodynamics
  •  Control strategies
  •  New concepts of theoretical modelling
  •  Nucleation and growth processes
  •  Computer simulations

Students, who are interested in a Bachelor or Master thesis within our group and/or require a seminar certificate (5 Leistungspunkte), are highly welcome to join!

Dates summer semester 2022

Time: Wednesday, 4:15 - 5:45 pm, in room EW 733

The seminar is offered in a hybrid format. The seminar plan and Zoom link can be found in ISIS.

20.04. preliminary meeting
27.04.Zahra Mokhtari (FU Berlin)Spontaneous trail formation in populations of auto-chemotactic walkers
04.05.Yagmur KatiTurbulent fluids
11.05.Wilhelm KielkopfSurface growth
18.05.Lea Louise FernandezColloidal particle in a trap subject to shear flow
25.05.Kim KreienkampCollective behavior of repulsive chiral active particles with non-reciprocal couplings
01.06.Marcel HülsbergDepinning and structural transitions in confined colloidal dispersions under oscillatory shear
08.06.Robin KoppEmergence of collective motion in two-dimensional colloidal systems with delayed feedback
15.06.Jinglan Wutba
22.06.Marco KliemMachine learning the navigation of an active Brownian particle in disordered media
29.06.Mohsen KhademAnomaly induced phase-separation of passive particles seminar-
13.07.Johannes KosterLotka-Volterra equations describing a self-sustaining oscillation in torus plasmas seminar-
21.07.Leo SchülenNetwork Theory (14 Uhr, EW 733)

Previous semesters

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