Theoretical Physics with Focus on Complex Fluids

PhD student

Organization name Institute for Theoretical Physics
Office EW 7-1
Building EW
Room EW 269

Research interests

My research primarily revolves around the study of self-aggregation and self-assembly phenomena displayed by colloidal particle systems. I use phase space discretization techniques, mainly Markov state modelling techniques towards developing a coarse-grained description of these processes. The end goal is to extract information regarding the equilibrium stationary states, metastable states that may form in between and the relaxation times of all the relevant states. Information regarding the pathways relevant to the aggregation process can also be extracted.

Since the application of Markov state models in colloidal systems are a recent concept, the “states” here are yet to be defined. Naturally, one of my research interests also involves the identification of order parameters that are suitable to distinguish between these relevant states. The application of neural networks and machine learning techniques towards this, is also something that I work on.


  • Markov State Modelling of self self-aggregating colloidal systems under multidirectional fields
    DPG Meeting, Regensburg, September 2022