Theoretical Physics with Focus on Complex Fluids

PhD student

Organization name Institute for Theoretical Physics
Office EW 7-1
Building EW
Room EW 266

In his Bachelor project, Robin has worked on the topic of entanglement dynamics in superconducting quantum bits.
For his Master project, he switched to statistical physics and stochastic processes. Specifically he has worked on generalized nonlinear integral models for time-dependent flows of viscoelastic liquids, using a combination of analytical and numerical methods.

Research interests

  • Collective behavior in two-dimensional systems of interacting Brownian particles subject to time-delayed feedback
  • Brownian dynamics simulations of colloidal suspensions subject to time-delayed feedback
  • Numerical and analytical treatment of nonlinear (stochastic) delay differential equations
  • Non-Markovian dynamics, in particular due to time delayed feedback

Methods: Brownian dynamics simulations (using C++ for simulations and python for data analysis and visualization), numerical solution methods for stochastic (delay) differential equations, linear stability analysis, Fokker-Planck equation, statistics/statistical physics