Theoretical Physics with Focus on Complex Fluids



Seyed Mohsen Jebreiil Khadem


+49 30 314 28849

Organization name Institute for Theoretical Physics
Office EW 7-1
Building EW
Room EW 267

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technical University of Berlin where I pursue multiple research projects on active matter, stochastic search problem and stochastic

Research interests

Active matter exhibits a great potential in biological application from targeted drug delivery to single-cell surgery. My main focus here is, first, to explore the dynamics of single
active particles and their collective behavior in exotic environments such as fluctuating crowded media and, second, to develop feasible mechanisms for controlling and steering those particles using single particle techniques. The control processes are performed, on a theoretical level, using delayed feedback techniques and machine learning.

In the project concerning stochastic search, I address more fundamental questions about introducing a proper definition for the search efficiency and the existence of a universally optimal stochastic search process for finding aparticular target in a crowded environment.

In the past two years, however, my focus lies on the extension of the notion of  stochastic thermodynamics (ST) to include systems with anomalous diffusion. The standard ST has been predominantly developed for systems with Markovian dynamics that exhibit normal diffusion. However, due to the complexity of the biological systems, autonomous motion of particles in those environments deviates from normal diffusion. In particular, I investigate fluctuation relations and thermodynamic uncertainty relation for anomalous diffusion.