Experimental Physics/Electron- and Ion-Nanooptics

Teaching Courses in the Winter Semester 2023/24

Lecture Experimental Physics III

The lecture Experimental Physics III is part of the module Experimental Physics in the Bachelor's program in Physics. It covers fundamental topics from the fields of particle physics, relativity, atomic and quantum physics, and nuclear physics.

Lecture Electron Microscopy I

Teaching Seminar Optics Querbeet: Terahertz, Light, X-Rays and Electron Optics

Teaching seminar Optics Querbeet of the IOAP on current topics in the fields of photonics, laser systems and applications, nano- and microoptics, electron microscopy and holography, X-ray optics and holography, terahertz radiation and spectroscopy, among others.

Experiments in the Advanced Physics Practical Course

The FP experiments offered by the working group this semester with their teaching content and contact persons can be found on the FP pages of the IOAP.

TEM Lab Practical

As part of the experimental compuslory elective subject on Electron Microscopy, a TEM lab practical is offered to accompany the semester.


If you are looking for an appointment for the oral examination with Prof. Lehmann, you will find it here:

  • Students of Physics (BSc and MSc): Free exam dates can be found on your TU-Portal under the heading Exams. If there are not enough free exam dates left or you have a special request for an exam date, please contact Prof. Lehmann via email.
  • Students of Chemistry (BSc) or Food Chemistry (BSc) who will be examined in Physics for Chemists will find out the examination modalities and dates during the summer semester via the basic practical course and the ISIS course pages of the corresponding lecture. For examinations that should exceptionally be taken outside the offered examination periods (mostly September and early October) (also repeat examinations), please contact Prof. Lehmann via email.
  • Students of all other disciplines please contact Prof. Lehmann via email about exam dates.

Please always pay attention to the exam notes on the respective ISIS course pages of the lectures!