Experimental Physics/Electron- and Ion-Nanooptics
Organization name Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics
Office ER 1-1
Building ER
Room ER 297
Address Sekr. ER 1-1, Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

I am a graduate student in the work group of Prof. Dr. Michael Lehmann pursuing research on the influence of surface effects of electrically biased semiconductor nanostructures in off-axis electron holography under the supervision of Dr. Tolga Wagner.

Research Interests

  • Electron holography on semiconductor nanostructures
  • Time-resolved electron holography
  • Discretization artifacts
  • Scientific programming for electron-holographic simulations and TEM automation


Temporal Discretization Based Deviations in Time-Resolved Electron Holography
Technische Universität Berlin, 2021
Prof. Dr. Michael Lehmann
URL: https://github.com/hueseyincelik/bachelor-thesis