Mathematics, Research Group on Algorithmic Algebra

Colloquium Winter 2021/22

General Information

In our Kolloquium on algorithmic mathematics and complexity theory, guests and members of the group present current topics about their research.

If you are interested in (some of) the talks you are welcome to join us. To do so, please write an email to Philipp Reichenbach.

For students: Please note that you cannot earn any ECTS!

The Kolloquium usually takes place on Wednesday at 3pm sharp (German time). Our research group meets in MA 316 to follow the talk. Usually, the talks have a hybrid format with an additional Zoom link.


Peter BürgisserIntegral geometry in nonarchimedean spaces (in person)06.10.202110:15
Peter BürgisserRigid Continuation Paths II: Structured Polynomial Systems (hybrid)27.10.202115:00
Jonathan LeakeLorentzian polynomials on cones and the Heron-Rota-Welsh conjecture (in person)03.11.202115:00
Antonio LerarioHausdorff approximation and volume of tubes of singular algebraic sets (hybrid)10.11.202110:15
Gorav JindalEfficiently Computing Real Roots of Sparse Polynomials (hybrid)24.11.202115:00
Josué Tonelli-CuetoWhat does the condition number of a real polynomial system tell us? Unexpected answers in the real world (hybrid)07.12.202114:15
Amit SinhababuFactoring Polynomials given as Arithmetic Branching Programs (hybrid)15.12.202115:00
Dominic BunnettComputing cohomology of quotient spaces (hybrid)12.01.202215:00
Cordian Riener#P-hardness of matrix immanants on restricted matrices (hybrid)26.01.202215:00
Michael WalterNear optimal sample complexity for matrix and tensor normal models via geodesic convexity (hybrid)02.02.202215:00
Nutan LimayeSuperpolynomial Lower Bounds Against Low-Depth Algebraic Circuits23.02.202215:00


Integral Geometry in Nonarchmidean Spaces

Speaker: Peter Bürgisser

In a recent paper, Kulkarni and Lerario found a version of Poincare's formula of integral geometry for p-adic projective varieties. (SIAM J. Appl. Alg. Geo, 2021). We extend this result in various directions by developing a conceptual framework over nonarchimedan local fields that mirrors the approach over the reals quite closely. As an application, we obtain precise results on the expected number of p-adic zeros of random fewnomials. 
The talk describes ongoing work with Kulkarni and Lerario.