Traveling Expenses

Official travel (outside of the University)

Official travel encompasses all travel required to conduct business matters outside of the University (Section 2 Federal Travel Expenses Act - BKRG).

The duration of the official travel is based on the time of departure from and arrival to your private residence unless the official travel begins or ends at the University. As a rule, official travel should not commence before 6:00 or end after 24:00.

All official travel must be commissioned or approved in writing. If you travel for official business without a written order or approval, you may lose your right to submit claims for service or work-related accidents or compensation for expenses. Retroactive approval is only possible in exceptional cases.

Official business

Official business is defined as the tasks assigned to you for direct execution in your specific area of work; as a rule, these tasks are defined in the schedule of responsibilities. This does not include teaching at another university. As a rule, participation in doctoral or Habilitation procedures at another university is not considered official business but rather additional gainful work as defined in Sections 60 et seqq. of the Landesbeamtengesetz (LBG). If you are unsure whether your travel can be considered as official business, please contact the Travel Expense Office.

Official travel within your city of residence/work (short-term official travel)

Official travel conducted within your city of residence/work does not need to be commissioned or approved electronically or in writing.

You must inform your manager of the intended travel. You can do this orally or in writing together with the application for approval for official travel.

In principle, your choice of transport for official travel is limited to the use of public transport. If you choose to travel by your own car for personal reasons, you will be reimbursed for costs at a rate of 0.20 euros per distance kilometer, up to a maximum of the VBB fare.

If you are traveling by public transport for business trips within Berlin (VBB for the AB zone), you can collect a one-way ticket for the standard AB fare from the Travel Expense Office in person on Wednesdays between 10:00 and 12:00. You must provide the reason for the trip, your name, staff code, cost center, and signature.

Employees responsible for providing approval for official travel:

For the Executive Board

As of 12.11.2007, members of the Executive Board have blanket approval for conducting domestic and international official travel in accordance with the relevant settlement regulations.

Pursuant to the TU Berlin Constitution, the Executive Board includes the president, first vice president, second vice president, third vice president, and the vice president of administration.

For employees in the Central University Administration (ZUV)

ZUV employees must request approval from their respective head of department, employees in the President's Office from the head of the office or the appointed deputy, employees in the Office of the Vice President of Administration from the vice president of administration or the appointed deputy, and employees in the central institutes from the head of the institute.

For employees in the faculties

The deans of the faculties are responsible for approving official travel requested by faculty staff. If a dean chooses to delegate this responsibility to another person, this right must be granted in writing and must also be limited in terms of time and authority.

It is also possible that your supervisor or the person responsible for funds may be able to approve your official travel. Please note that the relevant regulations in the faculties may differ.

Application, approval, and settlement

As a TU Berlin employee, please use the forms provided on this page to request and settle your official travel. These forms are your official request for approval for the necessary travel, subject to economy and efficiency, unless a reply can be obtained at a lower cost by telephone or email or by other means.

You are considered a TU Berlin employee if you are a professor in the state civil service, civil servant, employee covered by collective wage agreements, research or teaching assistant, or student assistant. If you are not any of the above, please refer to the information for external travelers.

If you would like to combine official travel with personal travel, please pay close attention to our information provided on the page Private Trips Undertaken in Combination with Official Travel.

Official travel conducted within your city of residence/work does not need to be commissioned or approved electronically or in writing.



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