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Welcome to TU Berlin

A positive welcome culture is very important to us at TU Berlin. It forms the basis for a respectful and productive working environment where everyone has the chance to fulfill their potential. Our welcome culture is not just about providing a friendly reception for new members of the University; it is also about creating an open and tolerant atmosphere where everyone is valued.

We believe that a welcome culture is invaluable, not only for our students and staff, but for society as a whole. By fostering openness and tolerance, we create an environment where ideas and innovation can flourish, and by doing so contribute to a better world.

We are committed from the outset to making everybody arriving at TU Berlin feel welcome and part of the University. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of orientation and introductory events, such as workshops and courses, to make it easier for people to settle into their studies or work at TU Berlin.

Our welcome culture is also something practiced by our more than 7,000 members of staff, who each day commit to creating a supportive and appreciative environment for everyone. Our staff represent a kaleidoscope of cultures, genders, age groups and life journeys. This diversity is our greatest asset, as it enables us to develop creative solutions and innovative ideas as well as approach challenges from a number of different perspectives.

We are delighted to welcome you as part of our community at TU Berlin!

President of TU Berlin Prof. Dr. Geraldine Rauch - welcome to TU Berlin (the video is in german)

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Events for new staff members

Neue Kolleg*innen vernetzen sich © Christian Kielmann

Welcome Day for employees in technology, service, and administration

Starting out at TU Berlin means a lot of questions and meeting a lot of new faces. This Welcome Day is for all new members of staff working in technology, service, and administration. The event offers insights into the workings and structures of the University. Click on the link to read about and view photos of Welcome Day for employees in technology, service and administration 2023.

Besucher*innen des ersten Willkommenstages der TU Berlin © Christian Kielmann

Welcome Day for academic staff

This event is aimed at new members of staff working in science and research and offers insights into the workings and structures of the University, and in particular the challenges faced by academic staff. Click on the link to read about and view photos of Welcome Day for academic staff 2023.

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Reception for new professors

TU Berlin stages a reception each year to welcome its new professors. The event offers new professors the chance to discuss their work and meet new colleagues. Click on the link to view photos of the reception for new professors 2023.

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Reception for trainees

A special reception is held for new trainees offering them the opportunity to talk together and network as well as meet members of the Executive Board of TU Berlin and the people they will be working with in the future. Click on the link to read about and view photos of the reception for trainees 2023.

Events for new students at TU Berlin

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New Student Day

Starting out as a student represents the start of a new chapter and calls for an event befitting this important milestone. New Student Day is for all students beginning their studies at TU Berlin and provides insights into campus life as well as the chance to network with fellow students.

Our topic portals provide guidance

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Working at TU Berlin

This portal offers useful information about working at the University. You can find information about staff development and continuing education, organizing events, corporate design, Typo3, who is responsible for what, and much more besides.

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Our portal dedicated to teaching offers useful information about teaching, quality management and our mission statement for teaching, and also provides an overview of the many possibilities for exchange, continuing education, and discussions about teaching methods at TU Berlin.

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Our portal dedicated to research offers overviews on topics such as research funding, professorial appointments, the advancement of junior scholars, knowledge and technology transfer as well as the University's research profile.

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Our portal dedicated to studying provides news and useful information about studying at TU Berlin.