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Stay or Go?

On the podcast "Should I Stay or Should I Go?” international alumni speak about their decision of where to live and work after their studies or doctorate.

Germany is a popular country for international students from around the world. Approximately 400,000 students with a foreign passport were enrolled at a German university in winter semester 2019/20. The majority of them - roughly 320,000 - came to Germany specifically for the purpose of studying. After finishing their studies or doctorate, many ask themselves whether they should remain in Germany to work and live here, or, for example, if they should return to their home country and apply there what they have learned here. This is not such an easy decision sometimes and one that everyone makes for different reasons.

The podcast, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?,” produced by the TU Berlin Alumni Program, takes a closer look at this issue. It features interviews with three alums of Technische Universität Berlin who share how they answered this question. They are from different countries - Mongolia, Colombia, and Jordan - work in different fields, and speak about their reasons for their decisions, including practical issues like work permits and language skills.

The podcast “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” can be found on all standard music and podcast platforms as well as via its feed link and the episode website. It was produced by EINS.STUDIO for the TU Berlin Alumni Program and financed by the State Office for Development Cooperation (LEZ) of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

The TU Berlin Alumni Program

With roughly 36,000 members in 139 countries around the world, TU Berlin’s Alumni Program is one of the largest alumni programs at a German university and has a longstanding tradition. Its members include former students, former (visiting) researchers, as well as staff of all status groups. The program is part of the Office of Communication, Events and Alumni.

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