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Paradigm Shift for Immigration Societies

TU Berlin networking project accompanies international conference on global migration changes

Migration is changing and as a result society too. Whether discussing digital nomads, refugees, or the lack of skilled workers, migration is omnipresent and increasingly becoming part of our lives. Complex interconnections between technology and digitalization, climate and demographic change, and political and social unrest are creating a constant state of flux for patterns of and issues concerning international migration. Titled "Changing migration, migration in change," the 25th International Metropolis Conference will be examining these challenges from 4 to 9 September 2022. The Metropolis Conference is the world's leading conference on migration issues, bringing together science, praxis, civil society, and policy. This year's conference is dedicated to four central themes: COVID-19, climate change, digitalization, and fair migration.

The networking project "Paradigm Shift," coordinated by TU Berlin, commenced work in December 2021 and is responsible for preparing conference contributions and compiling the results in the areas "technological development and the future of work" and "climate change – impact on migration." The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs' (BMAS) Network on Interdisciplinary Social Policy Research. Over the coming year, two international working groups will be working on joint publications, new research designs, and research briefs, providing an assessment of current research needs. Researchers from Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Vietnam, Canada, the USA, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Italy regularly meet to discuss questions such as how climate change impacts international migration processes, how digital technologies like platform economies are changing our working worlds, and what this means for migration and mobility.

The networking project at TU Berlin fosters an interdisciplinary approach, also bringing together further researchers from TU Berlin and the Berlin-Brandenburg science region. Until coronavirus restrictions are lifted, researchers from both working groups and TU Berlin will be holding webinars on global change research and new working worlds prior to the international conference. Junior researchers from the Berlin science region are included in a seminar specifically for doctoral candidates.

The "Paradigm Shift" networking project is headed by Professor Dr. Felicitas Hillmann, a renowned migration expert who significantly contributed to the establishment of migration and urban development expertise at TU Berlin's Institute of Urban and Regional Planning from 2015 to 2020. Together with Sophie Sommerfeld and the Metropolis Conference taskforce of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), Hillmann is responsible for international networking and further development in the topic areas "technological development and the future of work" and "climate change – impact on migration."


Prof. Dr.

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