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Hydrogen for “Green” Gas Turbines

Second ERC Advanced Grant for TU Berlin’s Professor Christian Oliver Paschereit. European Research Council provides 3.1 million euros for research

Professor Dr. Christian Oliver Paschereit has been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant for his work on the development of technologies for the use of hydrogen in gas turbines. The European Research Council is providing 3.1 million euros for his project “HYdrogen combustion: Pressure effects On combustion and THErmoacousticS” (HYPOTHESis).

The goal of the project is to find solutions to the challenges which currently restrict hydrogen combustion in gas turbines. Hydrogen has a far higher level of reactivity than natural gas (which is still used today in gas turbines). This results in flame flashback, combustion instabilities and nitrogen oxide emissions and explains why it is still not possible to use pure hydrogen in gas turbines. “HYPOTHESis aims to conduct basic and applied research to help find the answers we need to achieve energy transformation,” says Paschereit.

State-of-the-art test beds plus artificial intelligence and machine learning

To achieve this aim, the project is using state-of-the-art test beds and measurement technology. A unique feature of the experiments is that they make it possible to examine the influence of chamber pressure on clean combustion. The combustion process is influenced by robust methods to achieve stable and ultra-low-pollution chemical conversion of up to 100 percent hydrogen content. The development of these methods and their predictive tools is supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The aim in the future is for hydrogen to be used as a cleaner and safer fuel for industrial applications. This opens up possibilities for the use of stored green energy, thus bringing us closer to a carbon-free society.

500 publications, 80 patents

Professor Paschereit has headed the Chair of Fluid Mechanics at TU Berlin since 2003. He studied at TU Berlin and the École Centrale de Lyon before going on to conduct research on flow control at the University of Arizona and TU Berlin. After completing his doctorate, he worked in leading positions in the gas turbine industry in Switzerland, England and Sweden. His research focuses on turbulent flows, gas turbines and low-pollution combustion processes. To date, he has produced more than 500 publications and been awarded 80 patents. He was awarded his first ERC Advanced Grant in 2009 for a project entitled “GREENEST” and in 2015 received an ERC Proof of Concept Grant for his project “BlueStep – Blue Combustion for the Storage of Green Electrical Power.”

The European Research Council only funds groundbreaking, innovative and pioneering basic research projects. Funding is awarded purely on the basis of the scientific excellence of the applicants and their projects.


Prof. Dr.

Christian Oliver Paschereit

Professorship established in the TU Berlin budget

Organization name Head of Fluid Dynamics