Technische Universität Berlin Profile

University Mission

Technische Universität Berlin’s mission statement lays down in writing its self-image as a globally recognized research university with a rich tradition. We aim to further develop science and technology for the benefit of society.

Mission statement for teaching

This mission statement serves as a permanent inspiration for standards in teaching at TU Berlin, and, as a kind of “constitution”, forms the basis for all regulations, guidelines and strategies governing teaching at our University.

Future Perspectives until 2025

All TU Berlin members were given the opportunity to submit comments and make suggestions. Based on the results, the Executive Board identified ten fields of action that are of strategic importance to our university.

Our Science and Research Focuses

Six characteristic key application areas form the framework of our research activities along with the Clusters of Excellence approved by the federal and state governments in the Excellence Strategy.

University Rankings

Competition among universities is increasing. University rankings are, therefore, being followed more closely than ever. Here is a selection of rankings.