"We Are TU Berlin" – President’s Prize 2023

Award for outstanding commitment by members of TU Berlin / Submit your nominations by 31 October 2023

Following on from last year, we would like to once again honor members of the University with the “We Are TU Berlin” award in 2023. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the number of entries and stories and anecdotes, and we look forward to hearing again who you think deserves a special honor this year.

Do you know colleagues who use their motivation to shape and improve working procedures rather than just following existing processes? Who demonstrate particular commitment to a topic, a project or their team at TU Berlin?

Who want to improve processes, find solutions and help? Who contribute to making us a functioning whole? For whom providing support and helping colleagues takes first place?

Maybe you have encountered students who have shown particular commitment to TU Berlin or who have worked hard to improve their degree programs? Perhaps you have benefited from an outstanding offer for students and would like to acknowledge this? Or maybe you have come across people who strive to promote cohesion and togetherness at TU Berlin or who are socially involved within and beyond the University? Do you know colleagues who are particularly committed to the great challenges of our time, such as the fight against climate change or social disadvantage?

Nominations supported by a large number of people should be submitted as a single nomination signed by all those endorsing the nomination.

Contact us with your nomination for the "We Are TU Berlin" - President's Award 2023. You can nominate individuals and teams. This prize is not about image and prestige, but rather seeks to honor the everyday contributions that enable us to thrive as TU Berlin.

All staff members and students at Technische Universität Berlin may submit a nomination. All members of the University can be nominated for the award including students, professors, tradespersons and administrative staff...Everyone is included!

The award will be announced and presented at the New Year’s Reception on January 2024 by the president, Professor Dr. Geraldine Rauch.

To reinforce the message of social commitment behind the “We Are TU Berlin” prize, we will be donating 250 euros per prize to a charitable organization* selected by the prize winners. *Without party-political interests

The prize winners will be selected by a committee consisting of Geraldine Rauch and representatives from various status groups.

Please submit your nominations, including a one-page statement supporting your nomination, by 31 October 2023 to wirsindTU(at)tu-berlin.de.

Please note that anonymous nominations cannot be considered.