Trophäen der Preisträger*innen des Preises "Wir sind TU Berlin" vor der Skulptur Nike im Lichthof der TU Berlin © Doreen Grahl

Making Things Possible – 2022 Award Recipients

63 individuals and 21 teams were nominated for the “We are TU Berlin – 2022" award. Award recipients received 250 euros to donate to an organization of their choice. The prize money was sponsored by the TU Berlin president.

TU Berlin president Professor Dr.Geraldine Rauch awarded the prize “We are TU Berlin” in recognition of staff, who lead through motivation, demonstrate particular commitment to a topic, a project or their team at TU Berlin, or improve processes, find solutions, and lend a helping hand. The prize was also awarded to students who have shown particular commitment to TU Berlin and have worked hard to improve their degree program.

The recipients were announced by the president at the New Year’s Reception on 20 January 2023:

Dr. Vanessa Bach is a research associate and team leader in the Chair of Sustainable Engineering at Faculty III – Process Sciences. Vanessa’s extraordinary dedication to the academic chair, her work on several faculty committees, and TU Berlin overall make her a role model for her team. She strongly encourages dialog and provides not only professional expertise but also emotional and moral support for publications, projects, teaching, and doctoral studies. Her door is always open and she always has a sympathetic ear. Vanessa is a symbol of the solidarity and team spirit at the academic chair – she organizes events and demonstrates appreciation for those around her through small gestures, gifts, and acts of kindness. As an expert in the field of sustainability assessments, Vanessa teaches several lectures on climate neutrality and sustainability. She is donating her 250 euros to “Die Arche Berlin,” an organization which fights childhood poverty.

Christin Böschow works as the secretary for both the Chair of Cognitive Psychology and the Division of Ergonomics at Faculty V - Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems.  She was selected for her outstanding commitment which goes over and beyond her job description and her tireless efforts to ensure smooth collaboration between the academic chairs, faculty, and Central University Administration. We have been told that she never says “No, that’s not possible,” but instead “Let me see what I can do.” By recognizing Christin Böschow and her invaluable role, we’d also like to draw attention to the essential and yet often underappreciated role secretaries and administrative assistants play in our academic chairs. Christin is donating her 250 euros to “Oase im Reitbahnviertel – Nachbarschaft, Hilfsbereitschaft und Gemeinschaft leben,” a community center for people in need.

Sevval Gür is a bachelor’s student studying Architecture in Faculty I – Humanities and Educational Sciences at TU Berlin. With heart and soul and great social competence, she is committed to cooperative interaction between teachers and students as well as within the student body. She has an outstanding ability to respectfully work with people from all positions and coordinate between them. Sevval also provides a sort of pastoral care for students, who come to her with exam nerves and other worries. She is involved in a number of activities, e.g. as founder of a new student representative committee, on the institute council, and the Education Committee. Sevval is donating her 250 euros to “Visions for Children e.V.,” an organization dedicated to child literacy.

Annett Hein is head of the Central Procurement Office. In her role, it is important to her to engage with all staff on an equal footing, regardless of whether they are an apprentice or a longstanding colleague. She approaches all tasks and procedures holistically with an eye for how they fit into the entire University and not simply based on who is responsible. While many people only see problems, Annett sees solutions. She thinks outside the box and tackles problems herself. Annett does not turn a blind eye to injustice and on multiple occasions has spoken up when colleagues have been treated unfairly. She is donating her 250 euros to “Wünschewagen Brandenburg,” an organization which helps fulfill the wishes of the terminally ill.

Andreas Ludewig is head of the Precision Mechanics Workshop at the Institute of Solid-State Physics in Faculty II Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He is the first to lend a helping hand whenever the need arises. He also possesses a great deal of experience and has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the various research groups. Andreas also pursues continuing education in his own time to ensure he can best support both researchers and students. All-in-all, he holds the institute together. Andreas Ludewig is donating his 250 euros to “Fundi Kipusa,” a research, training, and development organization for young Kenyans.

Representatives of the BauInX student initiative.  Without BauInX, University life on Campus Wedding wouldn’t exist for Civil Engineering students outside of lectures. Studying on the TIB Campus is a barren experience. There are few other students and no offers or amenities like canteens, parties, continuing education, or sports. And, it’s a 30-minute journey to the main campus. BauInX makes up for these deficits to the fullest. In addition to the traditional responsibilities of a representative committee and its constructive and dedicated work on committees, BauInX organizes rallies for new students, summer parties, and events like film and bingo nights. The representatives of BauInX are donating their 250 euros to “Obdachlosenhilfe,” which provides aid to homeless people.

Narges Poursangari and Jonathan Muth are master’s students studying Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science at Faculty V - Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems. Both have been extremely actively involved in academic self-administration and are dedicated to sustainability, climate protection, and discrimination. Among their many activities, they started a podcast called “kein Einzelfall” (Not an isolated incident), which discusses fundamental problems at the University and possible solutions. Narges and Jonathan have also succeeded in motivating students to join in. They are donating their 250 euros to “Feminista Berlin,” part of the Woman.Life.Freedom movement.

TU Carpenter team and apprentices headed by Torsten Spielhagen is active across the University. In some cases, this results in real works of art that are characterized not only by a high level of commitment and dedication, but also by incredible creativity. For example, they built a climbing frame in the form of a beautiful tree house for one of the University’s family rooms. The carpentry trainees put a lot of heart and soul, creativity and technical skill into this project. We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the important role apprentices play at TU Berlin. The Carpentry team is donating its 250 euros to the animal welfare organization “Tierschutzverein Tierheim Falkensee und Umgebung e.V.”

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