The 100-Day Program of the Executive Board of TU Berlin

In its 100-day program, the Executive Board of TU Berlin transparently sets out the goals it has set itself to all members of the University.

What areas will the new Executive Board focus on? Find out more in the 100-day program published to coincide with the start of the new Executive Board's period of office on 1 April 2022. The 100-day program includes three main elements:

  1. 35 specific and implementable goals presented in seven fields of action. These include communication, research, transfer and joint projects, studying and teaching, sustainability, digitalization, staff development, and process optimization.
  2. The Executive Board has defined a number of guiding principles for its work with TU members over the next four years.
  3. Regular reports on the progress made within the identified fields of action are an important part of the program.

All important information and news as well as dates and deadlines for the 100-day program will be published on this website. We will also update you on the progress made in implementing the goals.

100 days in office ✔️

The Executive Board has completed 100 days in office. On 22 July 2022 they presented the outcomes of their 100-day program and answered your questions. A detailed report of results is provided below.

Status as of 12 July 2022

1. Internal communication

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
1.1Establish an open working group (Komm AG) for students and staff with approx. 20 people and commission an external organization for guidanceGeraldine RauchKomm AG members have been selected and the first meeting has taken place. An external coach is currently being commissioned.100%
1.2Devise an annual retreat for 150 people from all areas and status groups at TU BerlinGeraldine RauchA concept for the annual retreat has been completed. Program (pdf in German)100%
1.3Develop a concrete proposal for implementing a TU-wide intranetGeraldine RauchA concept has been drafted and approved100%

2. Research, transfer and joint projects

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
2.1Issue an internal call for proposals for an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence focusing on climate-neutral technologiesGeraldine Rauch, Stephan VölkerA call for proposals has been published internally.100%
2.2Develop an outline for a Berlin University Alliance networking event with civil society to take place in fall 2022Stephan VölkerA concept for a BUA ball to take place in the first half of 2023 has been created. The Board of Directors has indicated interest.100%
2.3Develop a concept for strengthening the internal application process for DFG research projects, especially in the engineering sciencesStephan VölkerA concept has been created, which will be discussed within TU Berlin. A concrete strategy has not yet been developed.100%
2.4Compile an inventory of all outstanding commitments made by the University to professors at the time of their appointment and coordinate with the faculties to establish a strategic planning procedure for appointments and spacesStephan VölkerAn inventory has been compiled.100%
2.5Implement one measure to advance gender equity within our appointment procedures and to increase the proportion of women in all appointment proceduresGeraldine Rauch, Christian SchröderA template for applications for professorships has been developed, containing adjusted indicators for research and teaching based on academic age and taking particular consideration of periods of child-rearing and care. This template is currently being reviewed by the faculties.100%
2.6Plan a specialist forum in fall 2022 focusing on using knowledge and technology transfer to make Berlin-Brandenburg a climate-neutral metropolitan regionSophia BeckerIn cooperation with the CCC, a specialist forum on climate neutrality will be held in November 2022.100%

3. Studying and teaching

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
3.1Develop a concept to achieve greater participation from schools at information daysChristian SchröderDiscussions with faculty representatives have taken place; an analysis of the current instruments for student recruitment is ongoing; a TU-internal working group will be established in summer 2022.75%
3.2Initiate discipline-specific workshops aimed at increasing student retentionChristian SchröderTwo workshops have taken place.95%
3.3Implement standardized support for applying/registering and enrollmentChristian SchröderGreater transparency of the status of each procedure in tuPORT; more efficient communication via a ticketing system; web pages overhauled; information more easily accessible100%
3.4Implement measures to fully enroll new students by 1 October 2022Christian SchröderTechnical conditions have been improved; preparations for an efficient enrollment procedure have been made; if necessary, TU-lottery system will start in late September.100%
3.5Develop a concept to provide a user-friendly technical infrastructure for supplementary digital teaching elements and integrate these into in-person teachingChristian SchröderVideo tutorial on how to use 5 hybrid lecture halls (further rooms planned for winter semester), information updated/published on, among other things, digital teaching, digital examinations, availability of BBB, and continuing education regarding digital teaching offered by ZEWK and BZHL100%
3.6Commence discussions in the central committees on how to adapt the General Study and Examination Regulations (AllgStuPO) to incorporate the amended Berlin State Higher Education Act (BerlHG), particularly regarding digital examinationsChristian Schröder“AllgStuPO++” subcommittee within the Teaching Committee (LSK) appointed; discussion of individual issues in the Quality Management Working Group; ISIS course with several surveys for the University public has been created.100%
3.7Prepare the further development of instruments for the recognition of good teachingChristian SchröderMinor amendments to LinF for the 2022 recording period; more significant amendments to be made during regular LinF evaluations, further discussion points collected100%

4. Sustainability

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
4.1Develop a systematic process for drafting a climate audit for TU Berlin with the goal of completing the audit by the end of 2022Sophia BeckerProcedure confirmed in agreement with several academic chairs; remaining data will be collected so that the audit can be completed and published by the end of 2022.100%
4.2Complete planning for a pilot measure for climate neutrality at TU Berlin for implementation in 2022Sophia BeckerA mobility survey of TU members forms the basis of the implementation of Climate Agreement measure 10: promoting environmentally friendly mobility on and around campus.100%
4.3Stage a hackathon on making TU Berlin climate neutral with members of the UniversitySophia BeckerA hackathon with 80 participants was held and the results documented.100%
4.4Create an easily accessible overview of how teaching content and learning objectives relating to sustainability are implemented in all degree programs/individual subject areasChristian SchröderThe relevant web page has been communicated and will be continuously developed following the “Sustainability in teaching” workshop at the hackathon and following discussions at the annual retreat.100%

5. Digitalization

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
5.1Set up an advisory board made up of IT users, experts, and representatives from the various subject disciplines to advise on the process of developing a 10-year digitalization strategyGeraldine RauchAdvisory board members have been appointed; the first constituent meeting has taken place.100%
5.2Define duties of a new chief information officer/chief digital officer and prepare the relevant job postingGeraldine RauchJob/salary evaluation complete; job posting is being created.100%
5.3Develop a concept for financing, establishing and incorporating a first core facility for data scienceGeraldine RauchA concept has been created.100%
5.4Obtain an overview of the functionality of the various SAP modules and establish a traffic light system for all SAP servicesStephan VölkerThe following page was created as part of the 100-day program and shows the status of all the University’s SAP systems in real time. It includes not only those applications which are in use and available to all members but also those which are planned or currently in the pilot phase. SAP status100%

6. Staff development

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
6.1Survey the current number of permanent positions in the faculties and central units to develop target figures for increasing the number of permanent positions in these areasGeraldine RauchTarget figures for permanent positions have been communicated to the faculties for further discussion.100%
6.2Create a working group to discuss and create a sample description of the scope of duties for the position of assistant at academic chairs or research groupsGeraldine RauchA working group has been appointed and the first constituent meeting has taken place.100%
6.3Draw up a concept for reorganizing internal continuing education and developing offersChristian SchröderInitial discussions have taken place. Further conversations with staff will be held in the summer.50%
6.4Initiate a short survey of all TU Berlin staff and student assistants in order to measure current job satisfaction on an ongoing basis and identify and prioritize issues and fields of actionGeraldine Rauch, Sophia BeckerA survey has been sent to staff.100%
6.5Create a concept for a quarterly welcome day for all new staff membersGeraldine RauchA concept has been created.100%

7. Process optimization

No.GoalResponsibleStatusStatus in percent
7.1Gain insight into daily working procedures by visiting central departments for 1-3 daysGeraldine Rauch, Stephan Völker, Christian Schröder, Sophia BeckerAll visits have been completed as of the end of June.100%
7.2Create a draft for a digital user satisfaction survey for central servicesStephan VölkerA draft has been created.100%
7.3Create written process flows with individual procedural steps and current time intervals for staff recruitment, appointment procedures, and enrollmentGeraldine Rauch, Stephan Völker, Christian SchröderThe process flow for staff recruitment including actual and target figures has been created.
The process flows for appointment procedures have also been completed.
The process flow for enrollment for winter semester 22/23 has been agreed. Due to the uncertainties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to determine specific time intervals for individual process steps. Further optimization of the procedures following the completion of enrollment (particularly regarding questions) is planned.
7.4Issue a call for tenders for appointment portal software and prepare its implementationStephan VölkerA new call has been published; a demo version was presented on
7.5Initiate measures for external support for the Building DepartmentLars Oeverdieck, Geraldine RauchTenders from several businesses with the necessary expertise have been received. The selection procedure and commissioning are underway with the aim of commencing the project shortly.100%
7.6Coordinate deadlines for integrated student administration processes within the framework of Student Lifecycle Management (SLM)Christian SchröderProcedures for the upcoming winter semester have been determined wherever possible. All deadlines are currently expected to be met.100%


Team Rauch

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