Bodies Representing Specific Interests

Staff Council

The Staff Council is the representative body for all employees, civil servants, and apprentices at Technische Universität Berlin. These staff can contact members of the Staff Council with any questions and problems arising from their employment and/or work environment. In particular, this includes questions about the TV-L wage agreement, labor law, and civil service law. All conversations are confidential. The Staff Council is also responsible for matters that directly or indirectly affect staff, such as co-determination of working times, IT implementation, or occupational protection measures.

The Staff Council is elected every four years by the Technische Universität Berlin staff represented.

Staff Council for Student Assistants (PRSB)

If you are not only studying at Technische Universität Berlin but also working a paid job here, you are a student assistant. There is an elected representative body for you too: the Staff Council for Student Assistants. You can contact the staff council with all questions and problems related to your employment. Whether you have questions about duration of employment, monthly working hours, hiring requirements, the tax card, or social contributions – there are 15 council members on hand to advise and assist at any time. As the representative body for student assistants, the council’s focus is on participating in decisions regarding hiring, extensions, and terminations; negotiations regarding working conditions; budget planning; and adherence to the collective wage agreement.

Representative for staff with disabilities, Office of Staff with Disabilities

The Office of Staff with Disabilities is responsible for the integration of severely disabled individuals, representing their interests, and advising and assisting them. This includes assistance with applying to have their degree of disability assessed, objection proceedings in the case of dismissal, conflicts in the workplace, discussions regarding integration management, or equipping their workplace to be disability accessible. The Office of Staff with Disabilities is bound to confidentiality. It is also responsible for ensuring all current laws and provisions in effect are observed by Technische Universität Berlin as an employer.

Main Women’s Representative and Coordinating Office for Women’s Advancement and Gender Equality

This institution’s core responsibility and objective is gender equality and gender justice at all levels of University life and in all proceedings. The Main Women’s Representative and the team in the Coordinating Office for Women’s Advancement and Gender Equality contribute to University committees and working groups, develop programs to achieve gender equality, and are active in networks. They provide advising on how to sensitize individuals to the topics of gender equality and justice as well as raise consciousness about how these goals can benefit the University. In doing so, the Main Women’s Representative represents the interests of women in all status groups. The Coordinating Office for Women’s Advancement and Gender Equality is among the University's key actors providing a comprehensive advising portfolio on gender equality for all genders and a wide range of programs for the systematic promotion and support of women at all levels.

Youth and Apprentice Representation

Housing benefit, vocational training grants, journeys to your family home, child benefit, parental support, or housing search – the Youth and Apprentice Representation (JAV) supports you with all these topics and more. It is also your point of contact for problems in your vocational training. Youth under the age of 18 , as well as apprentices, interns, and working students under the age of 25 can contact Technische Universität Berlin’s JAV with their questions and concerns.

General Students' Committee (AStA)

The General Students' Committee (AStA) represents student interests at Technische Universität Berlin. It particularly supports students to join forces to assert their rights within the University and elsewhere.

Student Parliament (StuPa)

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is an organ of the student body, that is of all enrolled students. As an independent sub-body of the University, the Student Parliament elects the members of the General Students’ Committee (AStA), adopts legislation, regulates basic matters of the student body, prepares a budget plan, determines contribution amounts, and establishes committees, particularly the budget committee.