Scalable Software Systems


If you are interested in writing your bachelor's, or master's thesis with our group, please consider the following information (independent of whether you plan to write your thesis in cooperation with an external company or not):

  1. Thesis supervision is generally done by the research associates of our group.
  2. Sometimes we publicly announce open topics. If so, you can find them on this site. Most topics are individual, however, and will be defined with your input.
  3. We only supervise external theses if they have a clear research question and are in scope of our research.
  4. Should you be interested in writing your thesis with our group, send us a short summary of your course specialization, why you seek supervision of your thesis by MCC, and attach a list of completed modules as well as an overview of relevant practical experience (e.g., in the form of a CV).
    1. If you already know the correct supervisor for your topic (e.g., because they are the primary contact for an open topic, or your research interest matches the profile of a particular team member), then please contact this person directly.
    2. If you do not yet know, who can supervise your thesis, then please send your first request to thesis(at)
  5. Further general information and tips can be found here.

Ongoing Theses

An Experiment-Driven Analysis of Tail Latency in Commercial FaaS OfferingsTrever SchirmerBachelor
Assessing the Performance Regression Detection Capabilities of Microbenchmark Suites in Open Source SoftwareNils JapkeBachelor
A Comparative Analysis of Techniques for Detecting Performance Regressions of Cloud-Based Software SystemsNils JapkeMaster
Design and Implementation of a Lightweight FaaS Platform for Multi Machine Edge NodesTrever Schirmer & Hamed MoassesBachelor
Design and Implementation of a Generic Framework for Continuous BenchmarkingMartin GrambowMaster

Past Theses since 2017


A Comprehensive Benchmarking Study on Performance Variability in FaaS PlatformsTrever SchirmerMaster
An Empirical Review of the Use of Microbenchmarking in Go Projects on GitHubMartin GrambowBachelor
Managing Performance Variability in FaaS Platform BenchmarkingMartin GrambowMaster
Analyzing the Performance Effects of Using IP Anycast in LEO Satellite NetworksTobias PfandzelterMaster
Evaluating Unikernels as an Edge FaaS Execution EnvironmentTobias PfandzelterMaster
Analyzing the Impact of Road Infrastructure on Popularity and Safety in Bicycle TrafficAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster


Extending a Single-Node Edge FaaS Platform for Multi-Node DeploymentsTrever SchirmerBachelor
A Web-based 3D Visualization for High-Precision Urban Wind ModelsTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Reducing the Execution Time of Microbenchmark Suites based on Performance Variability of Individual BenchmarksMartin Grambow & Nils JapkeMaster
Analyzing the Impact of Different Storage Options in Android ApplicationsAhmet-Serdar KarakayaBachelor
Evaluating the Stability of Google Cloud FunctionsTrever SchirmerBachelor
Identifying different types of Bicycles and Cyclist Types from the SimRa data and adding them to SUMOAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster
Evaluating Predictive Replica Placement Techniques Using Real World Data in an Emulated Fog TestbedTrever SchirmerMaster
Comparing Software Update Strategies in Distributed Fog DeploymentsTrever SchirmerBachelor


A Testbed for Evaluating the Detection Capabilities of Microbenchmark Suites Regarding Performance ChangesMartin GrambowMaster
Identifying the Impact of Different Traffic Infrastructure Types on Bicycle Traffic SafetyAhmet-Serdar KarakayaBachelor
Managing Vendor Lock-in in Serverless Edge-to-Cloud Computing from the Client SideTobias PfandzelterMaster
Optimizing the Execution Duration of Microbenchmark Suites Using Benchmark Stability MetricsMartin GrambowMaster
Design and Implementation of a Benchmark for Timeseries Database SystemsMartin GrambowBachelor
Managing Configuration Data of Distributed Fog Platforms under Strict ConsistencyTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Using Duet Benchmarking in Performance Benchmarking of Distributed Datastores in the CloudMartin GrambowBachelor
Predicting Length of Stay for Things and People Interacting with Fog ApplicationsTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Detecting Near Miss Incidents in Bicycle Traffic Using Machine Learning and Motion SensorsAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster
Using Crowdsourced Cycling Safety and Environmental Comfort Levels in Mobile Bicycle RoutingAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster
Optimizing Microbenchmark Suites based on Code Change AnalysisMartin GrambowBachelor
Efficient Exchange of Metadata Information in Geo-Distributed Fog SystemsTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Routing Requests to Geographically Close Nodes in Fog-Based FaaS DeploymentsTobias PfandzelterMaster
Using the OpenBikeSensor for Detecting Close Pass Incidents in the SimRa Smartphone AppAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster


Exploring the Limits of CRDTs and Eventually Consistent Datastores for Configuration Management in Fog EnvironmentsTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Using Optimized Microbenchmark Suites and Application Benchmarks to Detect Performance Regressions in CI/CD ProcessesMartin GrambowBachelor
Analyzing the Popularity of Street Segments for Cyclists in the SimRa DatasetAhmet-Serdar KarakayaBachelor
Predictive Replica Placement for Fog Data Management with Mobile ClientsTobias PfandzelterMaster
Guaranteeing Client-Centric Consistency through Datastore-Middleware Co-DesignTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Modeling Cyclist Behavior in SUMO based on the SimRa DatasetAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster
Routing End User Requests to Application Services in Fog EnvironmentsMartin GrambowMaster
Efficient Exchange of Topology Information in Fog Platforms with CRDT PrinciplesTobias PfandzelterBachelor
Design and Implementation of a Processing Pipeline for High Resolution Blood Pressure Sensor DataDavid BermbachMaster
Evaluating the Applicability of OpenISBT to Open Source Microservice APIsMartin GrambowBachelor
Identifying Nearest Nodes in Distributed Fog Platforms with Mobile ClientsTobias PfandzelterMaster
Managing the Tradeoff between End-to-End Latency and Load Distribution in Distributed Content-based Filtering SystemsJonathan HasenburgBachelor
Feedback-Driven Function Fusion in FaaS DeploymentsDavid BermbachMaster


Design and Implementation of a Microservice TestbedMartin GrambowBachelor
Using Benchmarking to Trace Performance Problems in Microservice ApplicationsMartin GrambowMaster
Tracking Surface Quality of Cycle Paths based on Smartphone Sensor DataAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster
Function Placement in Fog-Based FaaS DeploymentsDavid BermbachMaster
Detecting Near Miss Incidents in Bicycle Traffic Using Acceleration Sensor DataAhmet-Serdar KarakayaMaster
Scaling GeoBroker Clusters based on Local ShardingJonathan HasenburgMaster
Design and Implementation of a Scalable, Distributed, Location-Based Pub/Sub SystemJonathan HasenburgMaster


A Comparative Study of Implementation Strategies in Smart Car ScenariosJonathan HasenburgBachelor
Erkennung der Oberflächengüte von Radwegen auf Basis von SmartphonesensordatenAhmet-Serdar KarakayaBachelor
A Lightweight FaaS Platform for Edge EnvironmentsDavid BermbachMaster
Experiment-Driven Assessment of Spatio-Textual Index Data StructuresJonathan HasenburgBachelor
Efficient Message Routing in Geo-Distributed Pub/Sub-SystemsJonathan HasenburgMaster
Vergleich verschiedener Ansätze zur Erzeugung von Application-Flowmaps aus PerformancedatenDavid BermbachBachelor
Management of Federated Stream Processing PipelinesJonathan HasenburgMaster
Reducing Cold Start Latencies in Federated FaaS PlatformsDavid BermbachMaster


Performance-Benchmarking in Continuous-Integration-ProzessenMartin GrambowBachelor
Providerseitige Reduktion von Cold-Starts mit Hilfe von Kompositionswissen am Beispiel von OpenWhiskDavid BermbachBachelor
A System for Improving Web API AvailabilityDavid BermbachMaster
Benchmarking the Performance of MicroservicesDavid BermbachMaster
Understanding the Effects of Dockerization in Performance BenchmarkingDavid BermbachBachelor


Design and Implementation of a Fog Data Management SystemDavid BermbachMaster
Predicting Carsharing AvailabilityDavid BermbachMaster
Managing Access for the Internet of Things and Services on the Example of ‘Eclipse SmartHome’David BermbachMaster