Technische Universität Berlin
© Felix Noak
New Student Day in Retrospective
Missed New Student Day at TU Berlin? The recording of the livestream and many other clips and tips are available on this page.
© Pitt Rivers Museum/Ian Wallman
Restitution of Knowledge
Theft and violence: start of a transnational joint research project with Oxford dealing with the provenance of art treasures in European museums.
© Birgit Kleinschmit
Forests in Distress
Using remote sensing images from space and AI, two major joint research projects aimed at identifying forest damage have been launched.
Coronavirus © Alissa Eckert, MS, Dan Higgins, MAM
University Operations under Pandemic Conditions
Phase 2 - new regulations: The Crisis Committee provides information about TU Berlin's three-phased plan and its implications.
New Student Day 2020
Knowledge about theft and violence in art
Forests in Distress
Information about the coronavirus