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Scheinert, Dominik; Wiesner, Philipp; Wittkopp, Thorsten; Thamsen, Lauritz; Will, Jonathan; Kao, Odej
Karasu: A Collaborative Approach to Efficient Cluster Configuration for Big Data Analytics
42th International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC)
Herausgeber: IEEE
November 2023
Wittkopp, Thorsten; Scheinert, Dominik; Wiesner, Philipp; Acker, Alexander; Kao, Odej
PULL: Reactive Log Anomaly Detection Based On Iterative PU Learning
56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Seite 1376–1385
Januar 2023


Wiesner, Philipp; Scheinert, Dominik; Wittkopp, Thorsten; Thamsen, Lauritz; Kao, Odej
Cucumber: Renewable-Aware Admission Control for Delay-Tolerant Cloud and Edge Workloads
28th International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par), Seite 218–232
Herausgeber: Springer
August 2022
Wittkopp, Thorsten; Acker, Alexander; Nedelkoski, Sasho; Bogatinovski, Jasmin; Scheinert, Dominik; Fan, Wu; Kao, Odej
A2Log: Attentive Augmented Log Anomaly Detection
55th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS), Seite 1853–1862
Januar 2022


Scheinert, Dominik; Alamgiralem, Alireza; Bader, Jonathan; Will, Jonathan; Wittkopp, Thorsten; Thamsen, Lauritz
On the Potential of Execution Traces for Batch Processing Workload Optimization in Public Clouds
2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Seite 3113–3118
Herausgeber: IEEE
Dezember 2021
Wittkopp, Thorsten; Wiesner, Philipp; Scheinert, Dominik; Kao, Odej
A Taxonomy of Anomalies in Log Data
2nd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPS), Seite 153–164
November 2021
Wittkopp, Thorsten; Wiesner, Philipp; Scheinert, Dominik; Acker, Alexander
LogLAB: Attention-Based Labeling of Log Data Anomalies via Weak Supervision
November 2021
Scheinert, Dominik; Thamsen, Lauritz; Zhu, Houkun; Will, Jonathan; Acker, Alexander; Wittkopp, Thorsten; Kao, Odej
Bellamy: Reusing Performance Models for Distributed Dataflow Jobs Across Contexts
2021 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), Seite 261–270
Herausgeber: IEEE
September 2021
Bogatinovski, Jasmin; Nedelkoski, Sasho; Acker, Alexander; Schmidt, Florian; Wittkopp, Thorsten; Becker, Soeren; Cardoso, Jorge; Kao, Odej
Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPS) Workshop White Paper
Januar 2021


Wittkopp, Thorsten; Acker, Alexander
Decentralized Federated Learning Preserves Model and Data Privacy
18th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, Seite 176–187
November 2020
Acker, Alexander; Wittkopp, Thorsten; Nedelkoski, Sasho; Bogatinovski, Jasmin; Kao, Odej
Superiority of Simplicity: A Lightweight Model for Network Device Workload Prediction
15th Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, Seite 7–10
September 2020