Datenbanken und Informationssysteme

Abgeschlossener Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Alle Arbeiten wurden von Prof. Dr. Volker Markl betreut.


Gericke, Robert AlexanderB.Sc.Lock-Free Data Structures for Locality-Aware Parameter ServerAlexander Renz-Wieland
Kabus, PeterM.Sc.Data Flow Driven Approach to Querying Data Streams in an Intelligent Transportation SystemDr. Alexander Borusan
Stanchev, NedyalkoB.Sc.Comparison of Haar’s and Daubechie’s Wavelet Methods in Synopsis Construction for Data StreamsDr. Alexander Borusan
Tüter, BatuhanB.Sc.Lock-based Data Structures on GPUs with independent Thread SchedulingClemens Lutz


Aurich, MarkusM.Sc.Efficient distributed stream processing using RDMADr. Sebastian Breß
Dr. Steffen Zeuch
Behrens, TobiasM.Sc.Energy Efficient Analytical Data Processing on ARM ArchitectureDr. Sebastian Breß
Dr. Steffen Zeuch
Chumak, OleksandrM.Sc.Efficient State Management for Large Streaming Machine Learning Moedels in Apache FlinkBonaventura Del Monte
Dr. Alireza Mahdiraji
Dr. Frank Hermann
Dadiani, AlexanderB.Sc.A Catalogue of Sampling Algorithms for Sensor DataJonas Traub
Denisov, LevM.Sc.Platform for Analysis and Forecasting of Exhaust Emissions of Marine TrafficProf. Oscar Romero Moral
Josep Lluis Berral Garcia
David Carrera
Deuschle, VincentM.Sc.End-to-End Benchmarking of Deep Learning SystemsAlexander Alexandrov
Dolot, FerdiansyahM.Sc.Distributed Wavelet Sypnosis for Data StreamsDr. Kaustubh Beedkar
Garnica Caparrós, MarcM.Sc.Posotional data modeling and analysis for permanent metrics in collaborative team sports.Cas stucy with Basketball defensvie evaluationDr. Robert Rein
Prof. Fabian Wunderlich
Dr. Martí Casals
Prof. Jordi Cortés
Grulich, PhilippM.Sc.Compiler Optimizations for Stream Processing-Systems on Managed LanguagesGábor Gévay
Hernandez Fernandez,
Omaira Virginia
B.Sc.Simulation of an Inclusive Smart Mobility ServiceDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Dr. Holmer Hemsen
Haoua, MarsaM.Sc.Distributed Analytics of Massive Remote Sensing Image DataDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Jentsch, FelixB.Sc.Investigating Optimizations for Self-Tuning Kernel Density Estimator ModelsMartin Kiefer
Jütting, Christian RainerB.Sc.Query Processing and Storing of Big Data: A Performance Comparison of Postgres, Neo4j, and CassandraDr. Holmer Hemsen
Juraszek, KatarzynaB.Sc.Time-Series Stream Processing and State Space Models in Distributed EnvironmentsDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Kalkan, JanM.Sc.Evaluation of Meta Path Based Graph Analysis in the Context of an Enterprise Recommender SystemDr. Holmer Hemsen
Kieslinger, AndreasB.Sc.Dynamic Parallelism in Large-Scale Graph ProcessingAlexander Renz-Wieland
Krull, MatthesB.Sc.A Lightweight Web-Scale-Wrapper for High Performance Information ExtractionDr. Holmer Hemsen
Ksoll, MaximilianB.Sc.On the Problem of Data Visualization Method Selection: Challenges and a Proposed SolutionJuan Soto
Kumar, KshitijM.Sc.Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Detecting concepts and generating captions for Medical ImagesBejamin Bergner
Dr. Christoph Lippert
Anne Schwerk
Dr. Matthieu Schapranow
Masli, Ivan PuteraM.Sc.Experimental Analysis of Handling Nested Collections in Parallel Dataflow SystemsGábor Gévay
Münch, TobiasM.Sc.Exploring On-Demand Optimizations for Stateful Streaming QueriesBonaventura Del Monte
Naqvi, Syeda Noor ZehraM.Sc.Evaluating Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods for Anomaly DetectionDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Dr. Shahbazi Avarvand, Forooz
Nuhu, LaertB.Sc.Applying Network Analysis and Data Visualization in the Medical DomainDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Dr. Juan Camilo Orduz Barrera
Ong Lopez, Joan TiffanyM.Sc.State Migration in Apache SparkBonaventura Del Monte
Pavlov, BranimirB.Sc.Practical Analysis and Opimization of AGMS and Fast-AGMS Sketch AlgorithmsMartin Kiefer
Rabbani, KashifM.Sc.Supporting the semi-automatic creation of the target schema in data integration systemsDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Prof. Oscar Romero
Shumet Tadesse Nigatu
Racheva, IskraB.Sc.Machine Learning-Based Sentiment Classification for Bulgarian LanguageProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Ramírez Mesón, JuditM.Sc.Benchmarking Smart Contracts for Clinical TrialsProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Rudacov, AntonB.Sc.Evaluating the Synergy of Complex Event Processing and Predictive Analytics in Distributed Stream Processing SystemsDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Ruge, MoritzB.Sc.GPU-Accelaration for Court-Min and Fast-AGMS SketchesMartin Kiefer
Saini, NidhiM.Sc.Development and Deployment of IoT based Application using TOSCA and Micro-ServicesDr. Holmer Hemsen
Dr. Marcela Charfuelan
Sallemi, FredericoM.Sc.New Recommendation Methods for Fashion Outfit GenerationPaolo Cremonesi
Sayed Issa, JoudM.Sc.Pattern-based Prediction of Life-Threatening Deseases in Interest CareDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Anne Schwerk
Stutzer, LeonardB.Sc.Visualization-Driven Data Acquisition from Sensor NetworksDr. Sebastian Breß
Dimitrios Giouroukis
Szlang,Jan VincentB.Sc.Textual and Graphical Syntax for Domain Specific Languages in Different Application DomainsDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
cdlab eTask GmbH
Thanasi, TodiM.Sc.A comprehensive comparison between specialized and non-spezialized graph processing enginesJeyhun Karimov
Nadine Christel Sigrid
B.Sc.Metadata Standards and Interoperability for Health Care Information Management - A survey study -Dr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Toso, LorenzoM.Sc.Efficient Join operators on heterogeneous systems using RDMA and coprocessorsDr. Sebastian Breß
Dr. Steffen Zeuch
Thomas Jungblut
Tüter, BatuhanM.Sc.Evaluating Window Aggregation Techniques on Stream Processing EnginesJonas Traub
Philipp Grulich
Ur Rahman, MukrramM.Sc.Partial Evaluation of Java Classes at Instantiation TimeGábor Gévay
Yfantidou, SofiaM.Sc.Unsupervised Prediction of Anomalous Patterns on Data StreamsDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Dr. Sadegh Jokar
Wendler, MelanieB.Sc.Conceptual Design and Implementation of a Quality Dashboard for an Industrial Manufactoring CompanyMirka Schitkowsky-Tolvanen
Dr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche


Alhakem, MohammedM.Sc.On-Demand Date Warehouse Design for Massive DataDr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
Bartnik, AdrianM.Sc.Runtime Modifications of a Flink JobgraphProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Bonaventura del Monte
von Bleichert, JanisM.Sc.Code Generation for Stream Processing SystemsDr. Sebastian Breß
Dr. Steffen Zeuch
Bongard, JessicaB.Sc.Exploratory Data Analysis in PracticeJuan Soto
B.Sc.Large-Scale Long-Term Time Series ForecastingDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Cheng, ShiboM.Sc.Dynamic Checkpointing for Non-Stationary Graph Algorithms on Distributed Data FlowDr. Chen Xu
Cuesta, Aitor PalaciosM.Sc.Hyperparameter Optimization for large-scale Machine LearningBehrouz Derakhshan
Gavriilidis, HaralamposM.Sc.Efficient Data Exchange between Data Processing FrameworksAndreas Kunft
Dr. Sebastian Breß
Gehring, MelissaB.Sc.Comparison of Distributed Stream Processing Systems for Time Series AnalysisDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Jaama, Meri-KrisM.Sc.Narrative Visualzation of Sequential Data ModelsDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Dr. Steven A. Calder
Navid Nourani-Vatani
Li, Chiao-YunM.Sc.Automatic tuning of read-time tolerances for on-demand data streamingJonas Traub
Martinez Ramirez, Ricardo ErnestoM.Sc.Leveraging Context Information in Spatio-Temporal Big Data Analytics: a Study in the Mobility DomainDr. Holmer Hemsen
Michalke, AdrianB.Sc.Out-of-Core GPU-Accelerated Query Processing with Unified MemoryDr. Sebastian Breß
Dr. Steffen Zeuch
Pietrowicz, BenjaminM.Sc.Anomaly Detection in Online MonitoringJuan Soto
Simon Diehl
Poepsel Lemaitre, RudiB.Sc.Fault-Tolerance for Iteractive Distributed Dataflow Systems in ActionDr. Chen Xu
Rinckens, PaulM.Sc.Expressive Ontology Learning in the Medical DomainDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Schröck, DominikM.Sc.Building an Optimizer for Dynamic Rescaling of Distributed Stream Processing EnginesBonaventura Del Monte
Jeyhun Karimov
Schüler, Felix AndreasM.Sc.A Domain Specific Language and Compiler for Optimizing Tensor OperationsAndreas Kunft
Dr. Sebastian Schelter
Stöhr, Niklas WernerB.Sc.Dynamic Heat Map Visualization of Big Geospatial DataQiu Baishi
Gábor Gévay
Bejamin Stemper
Herr Heßmer
Tran Thi Hong, DieuM.Sc.Multi-Dimensional Genomic Data RepresentationDr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
Vincent, RobertusB.Sc.R and Phyton Benchmark - Performance Comparison and Evaluation of Machine Learning ModelsProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Wicaksono, PanduM.Sc.Hybrid Recovery for Distributed Graph Processing SystemsDr. Chen Xu
Younas, UsmanM.Sc.Adaptive Incremental Checkpoint in Stream Preocessing EngineDr. Quoc Cuong To
Ziehn, ArianeM.Sc.Time Series Similarity Search for Streaming Data in Distributed SystemsDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Zolic, AidaM.Sc.Benchmarking Probabilistic Programming LanguagesAlexander-Renz Wieland


Bauer, JürgenB.Sc.Implementing TPC-DS for PostgreSQLProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Benítez Valencia, Juan ManuelM.Sc.Cost Model for Data Streams ProcessingQuoc Cuong To
Bode, OlgaB.Sc.Improving the Performance of Constraint Checking for Better Data Quality in Wiki-DataDr. Moritz Schubotz
de Cholier de Cibeins, VianneyM.Sc.A benchmark for adaptive data collection in the Internet of ThingsJonas Traub
Dichmann, HenrikB.Sc.Predective Analytics in Business IntelligenceDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Drewes, DanB.Sc.Implementierung und Evaluation des L-BFGS Algorithmus für Apache FlinkHilmi Yildirim
Espinosa Ortuno, WilliamM.Sc.Advanced Data Analytics and Large Scale Data Stream Processing for Predictive MaintanceDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Dr. Holmer Hemsen
Fuchs, TobiasM.Sc.Compiling Database Operators to Efficient LLVM AssemblyDr. Sebastian Breß
Ha Thi Phuong, ThaoM.Sc.Spatial Analysis Using Apache Flink PlatformBonaventura Del Monte
Kunert, SebastianM.Sc.Evaluation of Compression Techniques for Efficient Data Transfer to CoprocessorsDr. Sebastian Breß
Lyu, YeM.Sc.Approximate Computation of Quantiles on Distributed SystemsDr. Chen Xu
Meiners, JensM.Sc.Data Generation for Machine Learning BenchmarkingProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Melnikov, Michail RomanovicM.Sc.Designing a user-friendly Cost Model for Databases in the CloudProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Muhammed Mohiyudheen,
M.Sc.Serving Large Machine Learning Models on Apache FlinkBehrouz Derakhshan
Neef, SebastianB.Sc.Implementation and Evaluation of a Framework to calculate Impact Measures for Wikipedia AuthorsDr. Moritz Schubotz
Nowacka Barros, MarilynM.Sc.Techniques for Hierarchical Product ClassificationJuan Soto
Jan Anderssen (idealo)
Opaska, AnnaB.Sc.Analyseverfahren in Bewertungssystemen für Wikipedia-AutorenDr. Moritz Schubotz
Ricky Hoang Nam
M.Sc.Source-to-Source Compilation of User-Defined Functions and TypesAndreas Kunft
Dr. Sebastian Breß
Rintanen, IsabelB.Sc.Scalable Mining of Frequent Sequential PatternsDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Sander, FridtjofM.Sc.Extending Materialized Views in Apache CassandraProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Sama, KriskB.Sc.Entwurf, Implementierung und Evaluierung der logistischen Regression mit einem one-vs-all Ansatz für
Mehrklassenprobleme in Apache Flink
Dr. Holmer Hemsen
Sophie Viktoria
B.Sc.Autoregressive Models in Scalable Stream Processing SystemsDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Dr. Holmer Hemsen
Schwarzenberg, RobertM.Sc.Scalable Named Entity Recognition of Fine-Grained Geo-LocationsDr. Holmer Hemsen
Dr. Leonhard Hennig (DFKI)
Stage, HannoB.Sc.Evaluierung von zwei Konfigurationsmanagement Systemen für Cyberphysische FertigungsanlagenDr. Holmer Hemsen
Tran, Duc LinhB.Sc.Modern Indexing Techniques for Finding Information in Heterogeneous DataDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Veenhius, DavidDiplomaKonsistente semantische Anreicherung von physikalischen Formeln mittels Interferenzbasierten VerfahrenDr. Moritz Schubotz
Vivanco Villamar,
Andres Alejandro
M.Sc.Data Generation for Machine Learning BenchmarkingProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Walther, TimoM.Sc.Online Join View Maintenance with Changelogs on a Stateful Stream ProcessorProf. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Dr. Fabian Hüske
Zeybek, Ali BahadirM.Sc.Evaluation of Data Gathering Techniques for Sensor Data on Smart PhonesJonas Traub


Basha, AnastasiaM. Sc.Concept Drift Adaptation in Large-scale Distributed Data Stream ProcessingDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Biswas, BiplobM. Sc.Scalable Data Stream ClusteringBehrouz Derakhshan
Blankenburg, JerredB. Sc.Performance Analysis of a Complex Event Processing Engine on Classical Data-Stream-Processing WorkloadsJonas Traub
Bogantes Gonzalez, DianaM. Sc.Data-less Database Systems for Large-Scale TestingDr. Tilmann Rabl
Fleischmann, KaiM. Sc.Analysis of Count-Min-Sketch-based Machine Learning AlgorithmsMax Heimel
Gavriilidis, HaralamposB. Sc.Mining Movie Metadata: A Case Study of Parallel Dataflow Engines and APIsAlexander Alexandrov
Granowsky, LarissaB. Sc.Laufzeitanalyse von daten-parallelen Systemen auf Muliticore-Prozessoren im Vergleich zu serieller ImplementierungViktor Rosenfeld
Kiefer, MartinM. Sc.Investigating GPU-Accelerated Kernel Density Estimators for Join Selectivity EstimationMax Heimel
Kovacs, JohannM. Sc.Holistic Optimizations for Dataflow-Centric Embedded DSLsAlexander Alexandrov
Köcher, BastianM. Sc.Efficient Vectorized Query Processing on Heterogenous ProcessorsDr. Sebastian Breß
Kraus, ChristinaM. Sc.A News Recommendation Engine for a Multi-Perspctive Understanding of Political TopicsDr. Sebastian Schelter
Lee, Hae JoonM. Sc.Experimental Comparison of Flink, Spark, and Hadoop on Big-BenchmarkDr. Tilmann Rabl
Matar, DianaM. Sc.Benchmarking Fault-Tolerance in Stream Processing SystemsDr. Tilmann Rabl
Melinda, SteffiM. Sc.A Survey of Feature Selection Approaches for Scalable Machine LearningChristoph Boden
Nguyen, Xuan TruongM. Sc.Anomaly Detection in Distributed DataFlow SystemsBehrouz Derakhshan
Paschek, RobertB. Sc.Experimental Comparison of Algorithms for Skyline Queries in a Dataflow SystemSergey Dudoladov
Rabe, RobinB. Sc.Scalable Data Stream Processing Using Cloud-Based Database Management SystemsJonas Traub
Racinet, TanguyM. Sc.Scalable Frequent Itemsets Mining on Stream DataDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Rodriguez Cuellar, AlejandroM. Sc.Window Aggregate Sharing for out-of-order Stream ProcessingDr. Asterios Katsifodimos
Jonas Traub
Schumacher, MatthiasB. Sc.Abhängigkeitsanaylse von Benutzer-Code-Variablen in DatenflussprogrammenMarcus Leich
Toprakkiran, Yusuf GüvenM. Sc.Machine Learning from Streaming Data in Heterogeneous Computing EnviromentsViktor Rosenfeld
Jonas Traub
Yanto, BudiM. Sc.Large Scale Multimedia Data ManagementDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Dr. Tobias Kötter
Ziehn, ArianeB. Sc.Efficient and Parallel Frequent Itemset Mining in Distributed SystemsDr. Marcela Charfuelan


Arnold, SebastianM. Sc.Interactive Classification of Keyword Search QueriesTorsten Kilias
Bondarew, JanaM. Sc.Improving Concrete Syntax of Graphical Modeling Languages for Business Process ManagementDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Chang, HungM. Sc.Graph Analysis of Tracking Services in the Web with Business PerspectivesDr. Sebastian Schelter
Edwards, JacobM. Sc.Glanceable Visualization of DataflowsMarcus Leich
Feigenbutz, FlorianM. Sc.Ranking Based on Diversity and Serendipity for a Recipe Recommender SystemDr. Sebastian Schelter
Grigorev, AlexeyM. Sc.Identifier Namespaces in Mathematical NotationMoritz Schubotz
Juan Soto
Hasenburg, JonathanB. Sc.Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Naive Bayes Classification in Apache FlinkDr. Juan Soto
Till Rohrmann
Haoua, MarsaB. Sc.Optimierung des INDREXs SchemasTorsten Kilias
Holzemer, MarkusM. Sc.Fast Failure Recovery for Iterative Algorithms in Distributed DataflowsDr. Chen Xu
Huk, SaschaB. Sc.Bayes'sche Inferenz in NoSQLMax Heimel
Liu, YangChaoM. Sc.Design and Implementation of a Flink-based News Reocmmendation SystemDr. Sebastian Schelter
Llobet, David GràciaM. Sc.Maintaining Derived Views on Classes with Dynamic Data EfficientlyAlexander Alexandrov
Anna Queralt
Lungu, AndraM. Sc.Scaling up Computations on Highly Skewed GraphsDr. Asterios Katsifodimos
Vasiliki Kalavari (KTH)
Maqsud, UmarM. Sc.Scalable Text Generation using Gernerative ModelsDr. Tilmann Rabl
Mondonneix, GaelM. Sc.Design and implementation of a distributed kernel SVM on dataflow enginesAndreas Kunft
Motza, RuthB. Sc.Evaluierung von Datenbanken für ein History Log in einem verteilten SystemMarcus Leich
Müller, AndreasM. Sc.Analyse von Wort-Vektoren deutscher TextkorporaJohannes Kirschnick
Nitschmann, KevinB. Sc.Grafisches Query by Example für Relation Extraction mit INDREXTorsten Kilias
Pala, Ahmet AnilM. Sc.Online Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Operator PerformanceMax Heimel
Palacios, DenisB. Sc.Text Analytics in DW/BI using Open Source ToolsDr. Marcela Charfuelan
Pawar, AmitM. Sc.Generating Example Tuples for Data-Flow Programs in Apache FlinkJohannes Kirschnick
Qi, MingliangB. Sc.A Benchmark Environment for Big Data System Spark and FlinkDr. Asterios Katsifodimos
Alexander Alexandrov
Schürer, FabianB. Sc.Entwicklung einer ETL-Pipeline für OLAP-basierte Analyse paralleler DatenflusssystemeAlexander Alexandrov
Schwarzer, MalteB. Sc.Evaluating Document Similarity Measures on WikipediaMoritz Schubotz
Norman Meuschke
Bela Gipp
Shevchenko, IgorM. Sc.Linking Event References in Online News Streams to a Global RepositoryAlan Akbik
Christoph Boden
Su, YanM. Sc.Large-Scale Sampling from Probabilistic Graphical NetworksMax Heimel
Traub, JonasM. Sc.Rich Window Discretization Techniques in Distributed Stream ProcessingDr. Asterios Katsifodimos
Paris Carbone, Dr. Seif Haridi
Wadie, KarimM. Sc.An Exploratory Analysis of the Tracked WebJohannes Kirschnick
Waury, RobertM. Sc.Airline Passenger Estimation: A Scalable Logit-based ApproachDr. Asterios Katsifodimos


Albuquerque, Amauri de OliveiraM. Sc.Use of Parallel Processing Frameworks statistics on Software Defined NetworksKostas Tzoumas 
Bodner, Thomas O.M. Sc.Investigating Relational Optimization for Data-Intensive ProgramsMax Heimel 
Brandt, CarstenB. Sc.Computational Limits of Probabilistic Programming LanguagesLarysa Visengeriyeva 
Brandt, LudmillaB. Sc.The Theory of Probabilistic ProgrammingLarysa Visengeriyeva 
Chakkaradhari, JananiM. Sc.Large Scale Centrality Measures in Apache Flink and Apache GiraphDr. Sebastian Schelter 
Gandlau, StefanM. Sc.Untersuchung von Kompressionsverfahren zur Leistungssteigerung in einer GPU-beschleunigten Datenbank 
Gaur, PrateekM. Sc.Investigating the Impact of Hybrid Optimization Strategies on Distributed Machine Learning AlgorithmsMax Heimel
Christoph Boden
Harindari, SuryamitaM. Sc.Workflow Management System on StratosphereDr. Asterios Katsifodimos 
Herger, PriskaM. Sc.Learning Semantic Relations with Distributional SimilarityAlan Akbik
Dr. Chris Biemann
Julinda, SilviaM. Sc.Extracting a Repository of Events and Event References from News ClustersAlan Akbik 
Krettek, AljoschaM. Sc.Using Meta-Programming to Analyze and Rewrite Domain-Specific Programm CodeDr. Asterios Katsifodimos
Dr. Stephan Ewen
Lopez Pino, Jose LuisM. Sc.Massive scale analytics with Stratosphere using RMarcus Leich
Kostas Tzoumas
Moeen, Faisal OraksaiM. Sc.Trajectory Data Modeling and Processing in HBaseAlexander Alexandrov 
Niedrich, ChristianM. Sc.Automatisierte Extraktion textueller Änderungen aus dem Bearbeitungsverlauf von Online-NachrichtenartikelnAlan Akbik 
Rohrmann, TillM. Sc.Gilbert: A Distributed Sparse Linear Algebra Environment Executed in Massively Parallel Dataflow SystemsDr. Sebastian Schelter 
Salzmann, AndreasB. Sc.annovis - Ein webbasiertes Framework für die Visualisierung von AnnotationenTorsten Killias 
Schmits, TorstenM. Sc.Content Relevance-Based Semantic Sentence RetrievalAlan Akbik 
Sepp, SilverM. Sc.Resilient Machine Learning on Stream Processing EnginesAndreas Kunft 
Shalnov, IvanB. Sc.Entwicklung eines Tools zur Bayes’schen Inferenz in SQLMax Heimel 
Viskovic, IgorM. Sc.Scalable Support Vector Machine Training on Parallel Data Processing SystemsAlexander Alexandrov 
Wolf, AndreasM. Sc.Inferring Program Runtime Estimates from Database StatisticsMax Heimel 
Yang, FangzhouB. Sc.An Evolutionary Algorithm for Column Family Schema Optimization in HbaseJohannes Kirschnick
Dragan Milosevic


Bodner, Thomas O.M.Sc.A Taxonomy of Platforms for Analytics on Big DataMichael J. Carey
Büchler, PeterB.Sc.Selbstüberwachtes Lernen von selektiven Prädikaten für das Fact-Retrieval Problem in einem RDBMSTorsten Kilias
Do, Tuan AnhB.Sc.Gezieltes Retrieval von faktenstarken Sätzen im Web auf Basis von WikipediaAlan Akbik
Häfele, ThomasM.Sc.Robust Query Optimization: Improving Predictability Of Query Execution in Presence of Uncertain Predicate SelectivityFabian Hüske
Harjung, Joseph JohnM.Sc.Reducing Formal Noise in PACT ProgramsStephan Ewen
Keese, PhilippM.Sc.Automatisierte Extraktion von Zitaten (inklusive Sprechern) und zugehörigen Themen aus WebdokumentenAlan Akbik
Martin Schenck
Konomi, OrestiB.Sc.A Workflow for Defining Information Extraction PatternsAlan Akbik
Kunft, AndreasM.Sc.Storage Techniques for Relational Data in Distributed File SystemsFabian Hüske
Matallaoui, AmirM.Sc.Domain-Specific Languages Development Guideline & Tool Support ComparisonNicole Natho
Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Melnikov, Michael RomanovicB.Sc.Design und Umsetzung eines Systems zur verteilten Ausführung von patternbasierter InformationsextraktionAlan Akbik
Mohtadi Haghighi, KamranM.Sc.Development of DSLs in the Software Industry - a Practical Case StudyRalf-Detlef Kutsche
Muschalle, AlexanderB.Sc.Preismodelle auf DatenmarktplätzenAlexander Löser
Nagel, ChristophM.Sc.Efficient Strategies for the Computation of Recommender System ModelsSebastian Schelter
Pfuhl, RolandB.Sc.A Pattern Language for In-Database Information ExtractionTorsten Kilias
Pieper, StephanM.Sc.Generation and Evaluation of N-ary extraction patterns for Open Information ExtractionAlan Akbik
Ringler, MoritzM.Sc.StraQL - An SQL-Query Optimizer for the Stratosphere Parallel Processing FrameworkFabian Hüske
Ringwald, MatthiasM.Sc.Data Programming Languages: History and FutureMax Heimel
Simons, GuilhelmM.Sc.TV Advertising and Sentiment Analysis in eWOM - Measuring the Impact of TV Advertising Using Large-Scale Unstructured Data from the German WebJohannes Kirschnick
Tondryk, Pawel WitoldM.Sc.Scalable Temporal Information Extraction with Data Supply Chain Language OperatorsJochen Adamek
Viskovic, IgorB.Sc.Scalable Support Vector Machine Training on Parallel Data Processing SystemsAlexander Alexandrov


Admoni, KfirB.Sc.Mining von Events in Twitter mit Fokus auf deutscher PolitikAlan Akbik
Evgrafov, AndrejM.Sc.Formalisierung und Implementierung von Algorithmen für die Störfallanalyse im SchienenverkehrJochen Adamek
Jesionowski, MarkM.Sc.Automatisierte Extraktorenerstellung zur Verarbeitung unstrukturierter DatenAlan Akbik
Karakas, AhmetB.Sc.Informationsextraktion von Zitaten in türkischsprachigen QuellenAlan Akbik
Kaufmann, MoritzM.Sc.Integrating Iterative Algorithms into Parallel DataflowsStephan Ewen
Maqsud, UmarB.Sc.Extraktion von Relationen und Konzepten von komplexen NominalphrasenAlan Akbik
Niba Che, EmmanuelM.Sc.Implementation of a Data Warehouse Meta-data Management System with Focus on Data Security in a Public Transport SystemJochen Adamek
Alexander Borusan
Pilz, GabrielB.Sc.Entwurf einer interaktiven Duplikaterkennung mit aktivem LernenDr. Alexander Löser
Schramm, StefanB.Sc.Implementierung und Evaluierung eines Verfahrens zur Erhöhung der Qualität der flachen Extraktion komplexer NominalphrasenAlan Akbik
Steinert, TorstenM.Sc.Join Algorithmen auf GPGPU-Architekturen am Beispiel von OpenCL und MonetDBMichael Saecker
Wandelt, BenedictM.Sc.Metamodelle und Ontologien für domänenspezifische SprachenHenning Agt
Ralf-Detlef Kutsche


Alexandrov, Alexander S.M.Sc.Design and Execution of a Benchmark for Large-Scale Parallel Processing SystemsStephan Ewen
An, Sung-illM.Sc.Extraktion von Informationen für Portalseiten aus WebquellenFabian Hüske
Arnold, SebastianB.Sc.GoOLAP User InteraktionDr. Alexander Löser
Basu, JayantaM.Sc.Ranking of Information Extractors with a Consensus-based ApproachFabian Hüske
Boden, ChristophM.Sc.Classification Algorithms for Web Text FilteringDr. Alexander Löser
Fiehn, TillmannB.Sc.Interaktive analytische Suche auf Web-DatenDr. Alexander Löser
Flechtmann, FabianM.Sc.Portierung eines Algorithmus zur Validation von Klimamodellen auf das PACT ProgrammiermodellFabian Hüske
Gopanchuk, OleksiiM.Sc.Semiautomatische Methoden zur Bestimmung der Qualität der Relation-ExtraktorenDr. Alexander Löser
Gratwohl, SimonM.Sc.Modellbasierte Entwicklung und Codegenerierung für eine Gameengine-Plattform am Beispiel von AdventuregamesHenning Agt
Güther, MartinM.Sc.Geodata Analysis on Huge Data Sets with StratosphereStephan Ewen
Hausen, MichaelM.Sc.Extraktion komplexer Relationen aus englischsprachigen WebseitenDr. Alexander Löser
Heimel, MaxM.Sc.Investigating Query Optimization for a GPU-accelerated DatabaseMichael Saecker
Hofer, MarcM.Sc.GoOLAP: Eine semantische Suchmaschine für das WebDr. Alexander Löser
Lange, FelixM.Sc.Relationship-Extraction auf Textdaten mit einem zeitoptimierten Parsing-AnsatzDr. Alexander Löser
Mayevskiy, OlegM.Sc.Skalierbare Extraktion komplexer Relationstypen aus WebseitenDr. Alexander Löser
Meyer, ClarissaM.Sc.Kategorisierung von Suchanfragen und deren Unterstützung durch IndexstrukturenDr. Alexander Löser
Schenck, MartinM.Sc.Design and Implementation of an ETL Process and Data Warehouse for Literature Mining of Genetic Mutations in Cell Lines
and Statistical Analysis of their Occurrence
Dr. Groth
Schreck, Sebastian JulioB.Sc.Effizientes wiederholendes Abspeichern großer Datenmengen in Datenbanken und verteilten DateisystemenAlan Akbik
Stollhans, MichaelM.Sc.Modellierungsmethodik für fachliches, domänenspezifisches MonitoringDr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
Tondryk, Pawel WitoldB.Sc.Effizientes Bootstrapping von Trainingsdaten für das Erlernen von Relationship-ExtraktorenDr. Alexander Löser
Wenglewski, RobinM.Sc.Incrementally Indexing structured data in the Hadoop Distributed File SystemStephan Ewen
Zimmert, DanielB.Sc.Performance Analyse eines parallelen DatenverarbeitungssystemsFabian Hüske