Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt

Working Paper No. 5

Ametowobla, Dzifa and Kirchner, Stefan (2022) Mapping the diversity of the platform economy across Europe and North America. Working Paper “Fachgebiet Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt”, No. 05, Technische Universität Berlin: Berlin

One of the salient questions in the debate about the platform economy is how national regulation and institutional environments influence the characteristics of digital platforms. Popular narratives of platform capitalism build on the assumption that large corporations spread their technology and business model worldwide, evading regulation and disrupting national markets. Such narratives ignore established approaches in political economy which suggest that national institutional frameworks shape economic activities within a country. We apply a capitalist diversity perspective to research on gigwork platforms and investigate the interrelations of platform models in the food delivery sector with national institutional frameworks. Our results show that platform models differ markedly between North America and Europe and also exhibit considerable diversity across economic regimes in Europe.