Regelungssysteme (Control Systems)

General Information

E-Mail communication

We urgently ask all students to use their TU e-mail addresses for communication with us.

Course registration

Please use ISIS to sign in for most of our modules before or at the beginning of the courses. The ISIS registration will be open shortly before the courses start. Additionally, you must register for the exams related to your selected modules! All of our modules do require exam registration via MOSES/MTS. The deadlines depend on the type of exam, which will be announced at the beginning of each module/course. Portfolio exams require the registration six weeks after the start of the courses. International exchange students are asked to fill out the form “Proof of academic achievement” to register for the exams and to submit the form to the secretariat EN 11 (Ulrike Locherer).

Winter Semester 2022/23

Lecture Period: 18 October 2022 — 19 February 2023

Summer Semester 2023

Lecture period: 17 April — 22 July 2023