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Prof. Dr. Timo Hartmann

Timo Hartmann




Prof. Dr.

Timo Hartmann

FGL Strukturprofessur

+49 30 314-72390

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Gebäude TIB13B
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Resume Overview

Timo is intrigued by the working processes of construction, engineering, and architectural professionals and how they design the complex engineering systems that keep our societies ticking, moving, and thriving. While he is in awe of how engineers are able to deal with the complexity of their designs, he tries to provide managerial and technical solutions that improve how they work. He believes in the digitalization of the industry in the sense that computational tools have the potential to allow engineers to design significantly different than they were able before – individually, but more importantly together in integrated engineering efforts. To develop such tools, it is important to consider both technical and social factors working in close collaboration with practitioners.

Timo received a Ph.D. from Stanford University where he was a student at the Center for Integrated Facility Management. His work has been published in Advanced Engineering Informatics, the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Building Research and Information, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, Design Studies, or ITCON. He is the handling editor of Advanced Engineering Informatics where we explore the science of engineering knowledge formulation with computational methods and Engineering, Construction, and Architectural Management where we would like to explore how to best manage collaborative and integrated engineering projects.