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Please enjoy reading the new article from the URA team!

Within the framework of the Urban Rural Assembly research project, CCST colleagues Gaoli Xiao and Ava Lynam, together with Dr. Kit Braybrooke from Habitat Unit, have just published a new paper in the Journal of Science Communication, within a Special Issue on ‘Living Labs’. The article explores postdigital ethnographic methods that the authors tested to continue to engage with field informants in China despite Covid-19 travel restrictions. The authors reflect on the potentials and challenges of using the WeChat mobile platform as a way of 'seeing the seeing' of others in difficult-to-access field sites, through an intercultural and trans-local curated exchange of photos and everyday experiences across ‘urban-rural Living Labs’ in China and Germany. The article concludes with a series of design principles for applying similar approaches to future field research when physical co-location is not possible.

The article is available below: