Biopsychologie und Neuroergonomie

Cognitive-Motor Interference in older hearing-impaired adults during overground walking

Older adults with hearing impairment show reduced walking performance under Dual-task (DT) conditions. This study investigates the neural correlates of DT performance while walking in this target group compared to healthy controls or younger adults. The Mobile Brain/Body Imaging approach (MoBI) allows for parallel analysis of performance, biomechanical and neuronal measures. The joint analysis helps to understand the brain dynamics underlying the interaction of cognitive and motor processes during different DT conditions (visual and auditory) controlling for age.

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Ongoing Master Theses

Mihály Péterfy: Effekt von Altersschwerhörigkeit auf die auditive und visuelle Doppelaufgabenleistung während des Gehens

Mona Herden: Impact of age-related mild-hearing impairment: Hemispheric rightshift and visual cross-modal reorganisation. An EEG Analysis