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Richtlinien für Abschlussarbeiten

Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Richtlinien für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten. Es existiert eine Englische Version

Hier finden Sie die Formatvorlage mit näheren Informationen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten (Englisch). 

Hier finden Sie nützliche Hinweise zum Schreiben einer Abschlussarbeit (Englisch). 



Hier finden Sie die aktuellen Richtlinien für die Abbildungserstellung (Englisch).

Hier finden Sie die Formatvorlage für Präsentationen. 

Formular für die elektronische Abgabe einer Abschlussarbeit. 



PhD Thesis: Guidelines for Writing, Defending and Publishing

Important official information about the complete doctoral procedure can be found on the website of faculty III  and must be read carefully! The information/documents below are only additional information given by the chair of bioprocess engineering.

Document no. 1: Template for a PhD thesis, which is used at the Chair of bioprocess Engineering, including the layout for the cover (front and back side)
Thesis Template

Document no. 2: General information about format and style (font, font size etc.)
Thesis Formatting

Document no. 3: Instructions for the complete process of writing, submitting, defending, and publishing in the library
Thesis Instructions

Please note for the template (Document no. 1):

  • You need to replace all grey fields with your own specific information.
  • ll parts in italic style format need to be replaced.
  • There are different sections (“Umbrüche / Abschnitte”) in order to format the footer and headers differently --> you have to adapt this in your case, it is just an example. 
  • All subchapters can be prepared according to your thesis content, there is no general rule.

Examples for the cover layout from our chair in PDF:
Thesis Cover Example 1a
Thesis Cover Example 1b
Thesis Cover Example 2

For the design in Word, Adobe InDesign or TIF you can use these online templates to create the book backbone (“Buchrücken”). Please scroll down and click on "VORLAGE" (template) and choose your format.
Recently published theses and publications from our chair
In the following document you find some advice and hints concerning the online publication of your thesis at the library of the TU Berlin (to be finished latest 1 year after your defense!!!). This contains additional information to those given by the university (second link).
Online publication at TU library
Official information for online publication at TU library


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