Project Summary

Development in IT-based technologies such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Digitalisation, Interfaces and Database offer possibilities to improve biotechnological processes and procedures. Manual and automated operations in modern laboratories are often lacking digitalization, digitization, and data infrastructure. The collected data of different development phases is therefore stored on paper and is neither digitalized nor shared between the various involved structures or personnel in manual or digital form. Siemens software tools together with the HTBD Groups' software developments are used to construct a data handling platform for the TU Berlins high throughput facility and manual laboratory procedures. This platform is tested in a customized enzyme production case study ranging from a digital screening to the optimized production via microorganism. This poster presents the conceptualisation of the digital platform, insights into its data handling, storage and filtering to obtain data availability over the whole product life cycle for the enzyme screening platform.

Project partner:
Siemens AG | Digital Industries

Project duration:
02/2019 - current

Project funding:

Responsible person:
Mariano Nicolas Cruz-Bournazou
Simon Seidel