MiLA - Mobile robotic lab assitent

As part of the KIWI-biolab we were able to own a mobile robotic lab assistant. The mobile robot from astech projects connects our autonomous cultivation platforms with the high throughput analyzers and thus enables a seamless, very dense data basis for online model fitting.

MiLA consits of two robotic units:

- a MIR base unit for moving and orientation in the lab and
- a 6-axis robotic arm with a 3D camera and gripper

While the MIR platform moves the arm to within a few cm to the desired location in the lab, the arm can be positioned to within 1/10 mm. To compensate for deviations in the positioning of the platform, the arm calibrates itself with the 3D camera and tags to the location and safely performs the transport of mulit well plates.

With the SiLA 2 driver, the robot can be trained in a few steps and was quickly integrated into our existing facility.
MiLA was used for the first time in our BioXplorer facility. Here it transported samples from the BioXplorer from the Tecan Freedom Evo 150 to Roche's Cedex BioHT. On the Cedex OD, glucose, acetate and magnesium were determined directly via the 96 mult well plate adapter.




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