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BioXplorer Facility

The BioXplorer facility is our latest cultivation unit and was acquired as part of the KIWI-biolab. It owes its name to the h.el. BioXplorer 100, an eight 25-150 mL vessel mini bioreactor system. In comparison with the 2mag system, the BioXplorer is closer to a benchtop reactor. The probes for DOT and pH are the same, feeding and pH control are carried out by pumps and with the eight air mass flow controller an individual gas supply is possible. In addition, the BioXplorer is equipped with turbidity measuring probes.

The mini bioreactor system is integrated into a Tecan Freedom Evo 150, with 8-channel and 96 pipetting arm. The task of the Tecan is to sample and, if necessary, add supplements during cultivation.

No analysis devices are connected to the pipetting robot. The collected samples are transported to high throughput analyzers with the mobil lab assitent.

Just as in the HTBD Facility, the central database in the background is also a core element. All measurements from the BioXplorer Facility are collected here, as well as those from separate devices such as Roche's Cedex BioHT.

A first description of this facility was presented by Lucas Kaspersetz during the 6th BioProScale: see the Poster


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