High Throughput Bioprocess Development Lab - lab of the future

Our lab is leading in model-based automation of bioprocesses and biotechnology methods. A key element in achieving this is the intelligent linking of hardware and automation.

In the center of our lab are the two mini bioreactor facilities:
- HTBD Facility
- BioXplorer Facility

Altogether our lab host five liquid handling station: two Tecan Freedom Evo 200, one Tecan Freedom Evo 150 and two Hamilton Microlab Star. The liquid handling are partly connected over linear transfer units to exchange sampels and labware. With our mobil robotic lab assisten we are able to transport labware between the facilities and across rooms.

Dive into our lab with the 360° virtual tour.

Getting (and keeping) such a lab running is a challenging task. As a research group how focus on modelling, bioprocess development and control, we are more customers of automation easer developers. The SiLA 2 standard was one way to achieve a easy and robust hardware integration. Therefore, it is also logical for us to be part of the SiLA standard.


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