PHAtex - Product Driven, Substrate Flexible Process Development for Tailor-Made PHA-Biopolymer Textiles



PHAtex aims to develop a complete green process chain to produce novel, flexible and biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) textile filaments on a competitive basis from renewable feedstocks. To target the acceleration of PHA industrialization, PHAtex will deal with the mayor bottlenecks of USP and DSP of PHAs, namely the costs of both the carbon feedstock and the recovery process. On one hand, novel strain engineering techniques will be approached to broaden the substrate spectrum of the PHA production strain, thus enabling the usage of flexible and regional available feedstocks. On the other hand, a green and cost-effective recovery process, which does not require toxic chemicals or organic solvents will be developed. PHA will be tailor-made, based on the characterization results of the commercial filaments from our industrial partners, allowing a target-oriented process development, which will save process developing costs at larger industrial production scales.

Contact Person 

  • Dr.-Ing. Sebastian L. Riedel (

Bachelor and Master Theses

Bachelor thesis PHA transcription regulators

please contact Dr.-Ing. Sebastian L. Riedel for further Information 

Groups involved

  • Smart Bioproduction Grids 
  • Molecular Genetics 



Funding Organization and Coordination 

PHAtex in the Media

Student Interview, TU Berlin


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