The aim of the research project is the efficient and market-driven production of high-quality fish feed additives based on yeast and algae to reduce the need for fish meal and fish oil in aquaculture. In addition, sustainable aquaculture for the breeding of nutritionally high-quality fish for human consumption (fish with a high PUFA content) is to be ensured. The substitutes to be developed, produced on a biotechnological basis, will be used to produce innovative dried fish feed preparations with an optimized bioactive effect. The focus is on a fatty acid profile rich in unsaturated fatty acids, increased storage stability (through phenolic, antioxidant compounds) with strict consideration (minimization) of the production costs to be considered.

The aim of the project is to transfer the results obtained in the previous joint project "FENA - fish meal and oil substitutes for sustainable aquaculture" to industrial scale, to develop a prototype feed, to demonstrate the applicability of this prototype for the production of aquaculture fish and finally to introduce the algae and yeast mix as an innovative component in fish feed.