PDWkontrol - High-cell-density cultivation and scale-up for production of polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymers and recombinant inclusion body-forming proteins using photon density wave spectroscopy in process control

The application of PDW technology as a tool in process control in industry-relevant biotechnological processes is to be evaluated. PHA production serves as an example process. In the predecessor project KULTPDW, PDW spectroscopy could be successfully applied to determine in-line the intracellularly formed PHA and the biomass concentration of R. eutropha H16 during high cell density cultivations, using rapeseed oil as substrate. PDWkontrol aims to extend the process to recombinant R. eutropha strains and biogenic residues, as well as to develop a process control based on PDW signals and to transfer the process from the 6.7 L laboratory scale to the 150 L pilot scale.

Contact Person

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian L. Riedel (riedel(at)


innoFSPEC, University of Potsdam, Potsdam