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Our scientific interest is the production of "difficult to express" proteins in Escherichia coli and other prokaryotic hosts. These include multisubunit proteins, superlarge enzyme complexes, metalloproteins or peptides. Optimisation strategies are directed to proper folding of the proteins of interest with a special focus on posttranslational modifications, such as disulfide bond formation.

The current proteins of interest include (i) enyzmes in the nucleoside and nucleotide metabolism for the synthesis of non-natural bioactive compounds and (ii) the synthesis of ribosomal and nonribosomal bioactive peptides and (iii) hydrogenases.

For the selection of the biocatalysts and successful process development we closely cooperate with the other BVT groups. This guarantees a fast and consistent developmental process.

Project supervisors

Dr. Matthias Gimpel

Molecular Biology

Dr. Anke Kurreck

Applied Biocatalysis