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Development of a platform for the automated robotic optimization of bioprocesses

Project summary

The BioProBot project will accelerate and shorten the path from molecule to production. To this end, process digitization and laboratory automation have proven to be indispensable. Together with our partners, in BioProBot we will 1) broaden the use of modern tools in the laboratory, 2) adapt them to the practical, technological and economic requirements of industry, and 3) further develop existing computer algorithms in a targeted manner. Datahow, labfolder and TU Berlin represent an ideal consotioum to realize the challenges of laboratory automation and digitalization and to adapt them to industrial needs.

Here we create a robotic platform with a software solution 'IDEAL' for the complete digitization of a laboratory, which:

  1. can integrate any data and vendor-independent devices into its framework,
  2. uses advanced machine learning algorithms that can "intelligently" coordinate and operate all robots and devices; and
  3. the entire lab is controllable from a remote central database.

IDEAL is a holistic software solution with a user-friendly front-end interface for operating the integrated devices, handling all data and self-learning operation of the robots. IDEAL consists of:

  1. a SQL central database for harmonization and storage of data,
  2. a model-based backbone for optimal planning and adaptive operation,
  3. a lab execution system (LES) for robot setup and operation, and
  4. an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) to ensure a paperless environment and correct storage of all data.

However, the disruptive feature of IDEAL is the nonlinear hybrid modeling system with predictive and adaptive learning capabilities.

Project coordinator:
DataHow AG (Michael Sokolov)

Project patner:
labforward GmbH (Florian Hauer)

Project duration:
03/2020 - current

Project funding:
EuroStars, BMBF

Responsible person:
Mariano Nicolas Cruz-Bournazou
Niels Krausch


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