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The institutional structure of BIMoS consists of:

  • two Scientific Directors (one each from the fields of Mathematics and Application Areas)
  • one Executive Director
  • the Steering Committee
  • the Admissions Committee
  • the Members Assembly
  • the Scientific Advisory Board


Scientific Directors

The two Scientific Directors are elected by the Members Assembly from among its professorial members. One person shall represent the field of Mathematics, one person the field of Application Areas. Based on the decisions of the Steering Committee, the Scientific Directors represent the program within and outside of the university.


Executive Director

Based on the decisions of the Steering Committee and the election of the Members Assembly, one of the two Scientific Directors conducts the day-to day management of the program and obtains the title Executive Director in exercising this function.The Executive Director is elected for two years.


Steering Committee

The program is managed by the Steering Committee. Its members are determined by the respective faculties of the TU Berlin. Each faculty appoints one representative for the Steering Committee.

    The BIMoS PhD Members and fellows elect a PhD Representative, who is part of the Steering Committee and is elected for two years.

    The tasks of the Steering Committee are:

    • structural development and evaluation of the program
    • development of the scientific program and the qualification concept
    • support of the Scientific Directors regarding reporting duties and funding applications
    • determining the selection criteria and selecting the doctorate candidates
    • deciding upon the use of financial resources allocated to the program based on the funding conditions


    Admissions Committee

    The Admissions Committe is responsible for the evaluation and selection of the PhD fellows of the program. It consists of twelve members: the Steering Committee and one representative each for the faculties II, III, IV, V and VI of the TU Berlin. The tasks of the Admissions Committee are:

    • written evaluation of the received applications
    • selection of applicants for the personal interviews
    • conducting the personal interviews
    • final decision about the PhD fellows of the program


    Members Assembly

    The Members Assembly is convened by the Scientific Directors as needed but at least once a year. Chaired by the Executive Director, it determines the research and training program during the current funding period and can prepare related recommendations for the Steering Committee.


    Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Advisory Board provides an external evaluation to ensure the highest scientific standards, and supports the Steering Committee in the scientific design and further development of the program. It consists of 7 internationally renowned scholars from the fields of the program. The Board is appointed by the Scientific Directors on suggestion of the Steering Committee.


    Administrative Office

    The administrative office supports the Executive Director in the day-to-day business.