Liste aller Mitglieder

Members of the TU Berlin who work in modeling and simulation based research can apply to become members of BIMoS.

External links to the corresponding homepages can be found here.

Here is a list of all current BIMoS Members sorted by academic field:

Audio Communication

Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinzierl 


Prof. Dr. Martin KauppTheoretical Chemistry: Quantenchemie
Prof. Dr. Maria Andrea MroginskiModeling of Biomolecular Systems

Economics and Management

Prof. Dr. Frank HeinemannMacroeconomics
Prof. Dr. Axel WerwatzEconometrics and Business Statistics
Prof. Dr. Christian von HirschhausenEconomic and Infrastructure Policy

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Benjamin BlankertzNeurotechnology
Prof. Dr. Oliver BrockRobotics and Biology Laboratory
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe CaireCommunication and Information Theory Group (CommIT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julia KowalElectrical Energy Storage Technology
Prof. Dr. Volker MarklDatabase Systems and Information Management
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert MüllerMachine Learning
Prof. Dr. Klaus ObermayerNeural Information Processing
Prof. Dr. Jörg RaischControl Systems
Prof. Dr. Slawomir StanczakNetwork Information Theory
Dr. Alexander BorusanDatabase Systems and Information Management
Dr. Ronny HänschComputer Vision and Remote Sensing
Dr. Peter JungCommunications and Information Theory
Dr. Sohan LalHamburg University of Technology
Dr. Alexander von LühmannBIFOLD- IRG/RTG Lühmann
Dr. Yuan XuDAI-Labor
Tobias EichingerService-centric Networking
Isabel Johanna StrengeControl Systems

Environmental Sciences

Prof. Dr. Felix CreutzigLandnutzung, Infrastruktur und Transport
Prof. Dr. Irina EngelhardtHydrogeology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard HinkelmannWater Resources Management and Modeling of Hydrosystems
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp GeyerKnowledge Dynamics and Sustainable Technologies
Prof. Dr. Birgit KleinschmitGeoinformation in Environmental Planning
Prof. Dr. Eva PatonEcohydrology & Landscape Assessment
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank RackwitzSoil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Prof. Dr. Dieter SchererClimatology
Prof. Dr. Volker SchmidDesign and Construction - Composite Structures
Dr. Daniel AubramSoil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Dr. Thomas NehlsEcohydrology & Landscape Assessment
Dr. Marco OttoClimatology
Nikola Milojević-DupontMercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC)
Dr. Stenka VulovaGeoinformation in der Environmental Planning


Prof. Dr. Alexander BobenkoGeometry and Mathematical Physics
Prof. Dr. Etienne EmmrichDifferential Equations
Prof. Dr. Thorsten KochSoftware and Algorithms for Discrete Optimization
Prof. Dr. Gitta KutyniokApplied Functional Analysis
Prof. Dr. Jörg LiesenNumerical Linear Algebra
Prof. Dr. Volker MehrmannNumerical Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Ulrich PinkallGeometry
Prof. Dr. Martin SkutellaCombinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms
Prof. Dr. Barbara WagnerMathematical Methods in Photovoltaik
Dr. Christian SchröderNumerical Mathematics
Ali HashemiMachine Learning/Intelligent Data Analysis
Dr. Sandra KeiperNumerical Linear Algebra
Maximilian MärzDepartment of Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Kruggel-EmdenMechanische Verfahrenstechnik
Prof. Dr. Dieter PeitschAero Engines
Prof. Dr. Utz von WagnerMechatronics and Machine Dynamics
Dr.-Ing. B. Emek AbaliKontinuumsmechanik und Materialtheorie
Dr. Mathias LemkeComputational Fluid Dynamics

Philosophy, Literature, History of Science and Technology

Prof. Dr. Axel GelfertTheoretical Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian von HerrmannLiterature


Prof. Dr. Markus BärMathematical Modelling and Simulation in Metrology
Prof. Dr. Sabine KlappComputer Simulation and Theory of Complex Fluids
Prof. Dr. Wolf-Christian MüllerPlasma-Astrophysics
Prof. Dr. Holger StarkStatistical Physics of Soft Materials

Process Engineering

Prof. Dr. Aleksander GurloAdvanced Ceramic Materials
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias KraumeChemical and Process Engineering
Prof. Dr. Peter NeubauerBioprocess Engineering
Dr.-Ing. M. Nicolas Cruz-BournazouBioprocess Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jens-Uwe RepkeDynamics und Operation of Technical Facilities