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BIMoS members may find presentation slides of the BIMoS Events on this website ready for download.

We ask that all BIMoS members keep the password private and do not distribute the provided files.


The recordings of the BIMoS lectures will be shared with BIMoS members via the tubcloud as the file sizes exceed the website's capacities.

BIMoS Distinguished Lecture "The Promise of Infrared Spectroscopy"

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Dr. Chandrajit Bajaj


 BIMoS Day "Dynamical Downscaling of Global Atmospheric Data"

The presentation slides could not be published. BIMoS members can find the recording in the tub-cloud folder.


BIMoS Day "Shallow Water Flow Simulations"

"Scaling of shallow water models" - Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hinkelmann

"Application of object-oriented design to modeling coupled processes in hydro- and environmental systems" - Ilhan Özgen

"Beyond shallow water flow: Navier-Stokes simulations with OpenFOAM" - Katharina Teuber


BIMoS Distinguished Lecture "Mathematical Mysteries of Deep Neural Networks"

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Dr. Stéphane Mallat


BIMoS Day "Low-dimension geometry and effective dynamics of complex systems"

The file size of the lecture slides execeeded the website's capacities. The lecture slides can be found in the tubcloud.


BIMoS Day "Mixture Models as Tools for Complex Classification Problems"

"Mixture Models" - Prof. Dr. Axel Werwatz

"Latent Class Analysis with Covariates" - Dr. Steffen Lepa

"Latent Profile Analysis with Time-Series" - Dr. Steffen Lepa


BIMoS Day "From Models to Fluids - and back"

The presentation slides and the recordings can be found in the tubcloud (file "BIMoS Members") as the slides and recordings exceeded the website's capacities.


BIMoS Distinguished Lecture "Models, Scales Data"

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dahmen


BIMoS Day "Numerical Experiments on Turbulence"

"Numerical Experiments on Turbulence" - Prof. Dr. Wolf-Christian Müller

"Lagrangian statistics of supersonic turbulence" - Oliver Henze

"Detailed nonlinear energy exchanges in MHD turbulence" - Thomas Grossmann


BIMoS Day "Fluid Simulation by Schrödinger's Equation"

"Simulating ordinary fluids as superfluids" - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pinkall

"Decomposing velocity fields into vortex filaments" - Prof. Dr. Peter Schröder (Cal Tech)

"Incompressible Schrödinger Flow: Practical issues and applications" - Albert Chern (Cal Tech)


BIMoS Distinguished Lecture "Navier-Stokes-Fokker-Planck-Systems: modelling, analysis and computation"

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Dr. Endre Süli (slides)

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Dr. Endre Süli (slides with movies)


BIMoS Day "Probabilistic and Bayesian Data Modeling"

"Probabilistic and Bayesian Data Modeling" - Prof. Dr. Manfred Opper

"Learning a dynamical system from trajectories" - Dr. Andreas Ruttor

"Change-point models for time series" - Dr. Andreas Ruttor


BIMoS Distinguished Lecture "Mathematical Models for the Cardiovascular System: Numerical Simulation, Control and Optimization, Clinical Applications"

Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Dr. Alfio Quarteroni


BIMoS Day "Multiscale Modeling"

"Asymptotic Techniques in Multi-Scale Problems" and "Applications Asymptotic Techniques for interface evolution" - Prof. Dr. Barbara Wagner

"Lubrication Models"


BIMoS Day "Hierarchical Tensor for High-Dimensional Problems"

"Approximation of High-Dimensional Functions" - Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schneider

"Sets of Low-Rank Tensors" - Prof. Dr. André Uschmajew

"Hard and Soft Thresholding for Hierarchical Tensors" - Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schneider

"Low-Rank Approximation by Reimannian Optimization" - Prof. Dr. André Uschmajew


BIMoS Day "Combinatorial Optimization and Efficient Algorithms"

"Combinatorial Optimization and Efficient Algorithms" - Prof. Dr. Martin Skutella

"Packing a Knapsack of Unknown Capacity" - Dr. Yann Disser

"Finding the Best Solution in Spite of Uncertain Data" - Julie Meißner

"Network Flows" - Martin Groß


BIMoS Day "Model Reduction"

"An Overview of Model Reduction" - Prof. Dr. Christopher Beattie

"Why Mode Decomposition of Transport Phenomena fails" - Dr. Julius Reiß

"Symmetries in Model Reduction" - Matthew Salewski

"Reduced Order Modeling for the Analysis of Brake Squeal" - Prof. Dr. Volker Mehrmann


BIMoS Day "Machine Learning"

"Machine Learning and its Applications" - Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller

"Zero-training in ERP based BCIs" - Dr. Pieter-Jan Kindermans

"Multimodal Neuroimaging" - Sven Dähne

"Understanding Deep Neural Networks" - Dr. Grégoire Montavon


BIMoS Day "Compressed Sensing"

"Introduction to Compressed Sensing" - Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok

"Sparse Proteomics Analysis (SPA) - Martin Genzel

"Sparsity and Regularisation in Inverse Scattering Problems" - Philipp Petersen

"Compressed Sensing in MRI and Related Problems" - Jackie Ma

"Ill-posed Linear Inverse Problems and Compressed Sensing" - Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok