FAQ Arriving in Berlin

General Questions:

01. How can I finance my PhD?

As a PhD scholar you will receive a monthly compensation of 1468,00€ from BIMoS.

Average living expenses for one person in Berlin per month: c.a. 1000,00€:

  • Rent (incl. all utilities): 600€
  • Telefon/Internet: 30€
  • Insurance (health and others): 150-200€
  • Public Transportation (Student Ticket): 50€
  • Food: 150€

02. How can I get health insurance?

Students are responsible for their own health insurance. Health and disability insurance companies in Germany typically charge 12-15% of the gross income for a standard policy. A good option is the DAAD insurance program (European students use tariff 762, Non-European students use tariff 790).

03. How can I get my Visa?

It is very important that you get a student visa (or: visa for study purposes) from the German embassy in your home country before you come to Germany. Only a student visa can be transferred into a residence permit for students. You can find more information on which documents you need to get a student visa from the respective website of the German embassy in your home country or from this website.

04. How can I find accommodation?

 Students are responsible for financing their own rental apartments from the stipends they receive. The Berlin housing situation is very competitive especially during September and October when thousands of new students arrive in Berlin for the winter term. We recommend the following websites to find an apartment:

 For shared apartments/flats (German: WG (Wohngemeinschaft)):

 The BIMoS Service Team will provide assistance in finding suitable housing and with rental contracts.

 05. How will I get my residence permit?

When you have found accommodation in Berlin you will need to register as soon as possible. To register you will need to make an appointment at any Resident’s Registration Office in Berlin. You need to bring the following documents:

  •        printed and completed registration form
  •         your valid passport
  •        recommended: rental contract/ proof of accommodation

When you have registered, you will need to go to the Foreigner’s Registration Office to get your residence permit ( ). You will need to bring the following documents:



    •         printed and completed application form
    •         your valid passport
    •        your registration certificate (original)
    •        proof of health insurance
    •         proof of financial support (admission document from BIMoS that shows your scholarship payments)
    •        one current biometric photo (35 mm x 45 mm)
    •        proof of enrollment at TU Berlin


The BIMoS Service Team will help you with making the appointments when you arrive in Berlin.

 06. How do I enroll at the TUB and how much is the Tuition Fee?

Once you have been admitted as a doctoral candidate and depending on your degree and nationality you can apply for admission or directly enroll as a doctoral student at TU Berlin. In general non-EU citizens need to apply first and will receive an admission letter while most of the other candidates can enroll directly.

The BIMoS Service Team will help with the enrollment when you arrive in Berlin.

You will only have to pay a registration fee of c.a. 300,00€ per term, which includes your student ticket for the public transportation system in Berlin. You will receive a letter from the registration office in the middle of each term which asks you to re-register and pay the fee.

07. Can I get a part-time job in addition to being a BIMoS student?

No, you should be fully occupied with your doctoral studies.

For more information and other questions, please also check out this website of the TU-Doc Service Center.