Welcome to the website of the Berlin International Graduate School in Model and Simulation based Research (BIMoS).

BIMoS was founded in 2014 as a graduate school of the TU Berlin, which encloses all departments. As a technical university, one main focus of the TU Berlin is on natural and engineering sciences with a highly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary component. A particularly strong emphasis has always been on integrated mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization. The graduate school BIMoS is the natural continuation of this research profile, thus also offering prospective PhD students an internationally highly recognized and vivid research environment.


Since 2023, BIMoS offers 3 PhD fellowships and 3 additional positions in cooperation with excellence clusters.

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BIMoS Office

Einrichtung BIMoS Sekretariat
Sekretariat ER 3-2
Raum ER 375
Adresse Hardenbergstraße 36a
10623 Berlin

BIMoS Certificates

Starting in the winter term 2017/18 the doctoral students and PostDocs of BIMoS have the chance to aquire certificates in the fields of

  • Data Science
  • Cognitive Science
  • Science of Modeling, Simulation and Optimization.

Here you can find more information.

BIMoS Seminars

In the forthcoming winter semester 2019/20, BIMoS introduces a new class of events: the BIMoS seminar. The aim is to establish a framework for more intense
scientific cooperation beyond specific PhD projects.
Creating a BIMoS seminar requires:
 - at least one of the participating groups being led by a BIMoS member,
 - the seminar’s scientific focus on model-based research,
 - a minimum number of six planned events open to all BIMoS members.

The convening research groups are responsible for the respective implementation, i.e. technical equipment, rooms, catering, etc. .
BIMoS will make sure that the events are properly advertised among its members according to proper notification by the organizing groups at least one week before the meeting.

To launch a BIMoS seminar, please supply:
 - abstract of the seminar's general topic
 - list of convening groups and responsible group heads
 - event schedule comprising of at least six meetings

The BIMoS directors will decide on your project on the basis of  above-mentioned criteria.

For further information please contact the BIMoS administration at .
We will be pleased to assist you.