Bildung für Nachhaltige Ernährung und Lebensmittelwissenschaft


The overall aim of BioBeo is to develop and deploy an education programme that will enhance understanding and engagement across society regarding ‘circularity’ and the bioeconomy. This work will centre around five bioeconomy themes – interconnectedness, outdoor learning, forestry, life below water, and the food loop.

The project will strengthen a sustainable network of interconnected European educators and stakeholders committed to promoting the bioeconomy concept through all channels. The network will provide the means for better coordination between bio-science and education in schools by developing the ‘Circular Economy-Science-Society’ message.

It will have a particular focus on circular lifestyle, circular behaviours, and a governance framework on society-wide engagement in bioeconomy policy. BioBeo will also address social issues such as gender bias, disadvantaged youth groups, migrants and members of society with additional needs.



Projektlaufzeit: 11/2022-10/2024
Förderkennzeichen: 101059900
Fördergeber: EU

Projektkoordination: University College Dublin, Ireland

Maynooth University (IR), An Taisce (IT), University of Hohenheim (GE), Odisee University of Applied Sciences (BE), CASE (PL), Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL), Synyo (AT), Foundation for Environmental Education (GB), Youth in Science and Business Foundation (EE), E3STEM (GR), Universitatea Parents Targoviste (RO), Technical University Berlin (GE), BOS+ (BE)


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