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OpenSDNCore – Research & Testbed for the carrier-grade NFV/SDN environment

OpenSDNCore is a practical implementation of the future network evolution paradigms, realizing Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) concepts, providing early prototyping of a service enablement platform on top of common infrastructure components.

TU Berlin – AV together with Fraunhofer FOKUS have been working on the OpenSDNCore toolkit, which is a software toolkit enabling R&D in the fields of carrier-grade cloud based infrastructures. Specifically addressing telco needs, including features for:

  • Management and Orchestration
  • Flexible inter-data center networking
  • Interaction with physical infrastructure
  • Robust virtual network support
  • Network functions placement
  • Service chaining

OpenSDNCore is based on the following specifications and functionalities:

  • ETSI NFV MANO aligned Orchestrator integrated with OpenStack enabling the dynamic deployment and run-time management of virtual network functions
  • ONF OpenFlow 1.4 alligned Switch and Controller extended to support telecom specific features
  • A set of best practices virtual network functions and their afferent adaptors based on SDN components, Open5GCore and OpenIMSCore.

SDN and NFV research activities and OpenSDNCore toolkit developments is a joined development between Fraunhofer FOKUS Competence Center NGNI and the Techische Universität Berlin (TUB) – AV research group

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