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Future Internet Testbed Experimentation and Management Framework

FITeagle is an extensible and distributed open source experimentation and management framework for federated Future Internet testbeds.


Longer Description

Within the context of Future Internet research activities different approaches are in the process of being developed. Starting with incremental evolutionary attempts onwards to complete revolutionary ideas.

In order to evaluate new protocols and architectures testbeds with a wide range of heterogeneous resources and variability in terms of size and complexity are needed.

Although there are several existing wireless and wired testbeds to run experiments on, they are - in terms of user management, experiment control, connectivity, ... - independent of each other.

FITeagle is an extensible and distributed open source experimentation-management framework for federated Future Internet testbeds. It is based on the previous FIRE-Teagle developments and inherits its basic conceptional architecture. FIRE-Teagle was successfully deployed and used in the Panlab/PII projects and is currently extended as FITeagle within the OpenLab and Fed4FIRE projects. FITeagle provides services to describe, register, orchestrate, interconnect, provision and monitor heterogenous resources (such as physical and virtual computation-, storage- and networking- resources and services) across participating provider and user domains.


  • Research Area: Future Internet Testbeds & Tools
  • Projects: Fed4FIRE, OpenLab, PII
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