Arbeitslehre/Technik und Partizipation

Dr. Czarina Wilpert


Born in Los Angeles, California, completed her advanced degrees in Sociology (M.A and Dr. Phil.) at the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB).  Czarina Wilpert was a research fellow at the Science Centre Berlin (WZB), the Department of Sociology of he TUB, and The Federal Institute for Occupational training. Dr. Wilpert is a specialist in international migration. In this capacity Dr. Wilpert coordinated a 12 country study of the European Science Foundation on the Second-Generation and Cultural Identity. Her research focuses on issues of the social organisation of international migration, second generation youth, gender, immigrant business and institutional discrimination.  Dr. Wilpert was a member of the  EU-TSER Research Program „Migrant insertion in the informal economy, deviant behaviour and the impact on receiving societies,“ as well the EU-TSER Research Network : „Working on the fringes: immigrant business, economic integration and informal practices”. Wilpert served as a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Technology and Society of the TUB headed the German part of the study on, „Gender, Race and Citizenship” within the EU TSER Program on Citizenship (2010). This research focused on the implementation of the Anti-discrimination Legislation in 6 European countries with respect to the intersectionality of gender and racialized / ethnicized discrimination in Germany. Dr. Wilpert has published in all of the above fields.

Wilpert is a founder and member of the Board of Directorate of Initiative Selbständiger Immigrantinnen  (I.S.I e.V.) ) the Initiative for the Self-Employment of Immigrant Women  an educational training association for the empowerment and economic independence of immigrant women. I.S.I.e.V. is in the field since 25 years.  In this capacity Dr. Wilpert is a member of numerous local networks addressing issues facing immigrants and refugees in Berlin.