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    4 papers accepted at AAAI 2023

    The following four papers with ALGO members as coauthors have been accepted at AAAI 2023:

    • Markus Brill, Stefan Forster, Martin Lackner, Jan Maly, and Jannik Peters.
      Proportionality in Approval-Based Participatory Budgeting

    • Markus Brill, Hayrullah Dindar, Jonas Israel, Jérôme Lang, Jannik Peters, and Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin.
      Multiwinner Voting with Possibly Unavailable Candidates

    • Xinhang Lu, Jannik Peters, Haris Aziz, Xiaohui Bei, and Warut Suksompong.
      Approval-Based Voting with Mixed Goods

    • Théo Delemazure, Tom Demeulemeester, Manuel Eberl, Jonas Israel, and Patrick Lederer.
      Strategyproofness and Proportionality in Party-Approval Multiwinner Elections

    Associated group member Niclas Boehmer is involved in further 3 papers.