Algorithmik und Komplexitätstheorie

Rolf Niedermeier, former chair of the AKT group

With great sadness, we announce that in March 2022, Prof. Rolf Niedermeier passed away unexpectedly at the age of 55. He was the founder and cornerstone of the AKT group, which he established at TU Berlin in 2010, after coming here from the University of Jena. Over his academic lifetime, he supervised thirty Doctoral and countless Bachelor and Master students, taught a variety of stimulating courses, and headed more than fifteen different DFG-funded research projects. Within the academic community, he was known as one of the leading figures in parameterized algorithmics, and also worked on problems from various fields such as computational social choice, temporal graph theory, and computational biology with tireless enthusiasm. Among his colleagues, students, and friends, Rolf was known to be warm-hearted, caring, and always in the mood for a witticism. Even though his passing leaves a large void, his influence will live on in all those who worked with him during his life.

We grieve for an inspiring mentor, bright scientist, supportive colleague, and good friend.

The AKT group

Mathias Weller, chair of the AKT group since October 2022