Algorithmik und Komplexitätstheorie

AKT Software

nameshort descriptionlinks
GraphanaA tool for analyzing the combinatorial structure of graphs by computation and estimation of various graph parameters.webpage
Incremental Graph ColoringAn implementation of serveral commonly used heuristic algorithms for the (vertex) graph coloring problem together with a new proposed search tree based algorithm that is based on "incremental coloring".license; readme; binary; source; benchmark
kconsensTool for computing Kemeny rankings by using efficient polynomial-time data reduction rules combined with several exact algorithms. Can solve meaningful real-world instances with more than 100 candidates within milliseconds.C++ source code; linux binaries; readme; license; test data; background paper
mu-cliqueTool for computing maximum mu-cliques.Haskell source code and data
s-plexTool for finding maximum s-plexes.oCaml source code; readme; background paper
Temporal cliquesTool for enumerating all maximal cliques in a temporal graphsource code
Pattern-Guided k-AnonymityHeuristic and exact ILP implementation to solve Pattern-Guided k-Anonymity. The collection includes the scripts and datasets used in the paper.experiments
LobbyingHeuristic and exact ILP implementation including the random instance generator. Binaries are created on 64bit Debian.heuristic source; heuristic binary; heuristic readme; ILP source; ILP binary; real world data
Co-ClusteringImplementations of both the naive and the cluster boundary based SAT-Solving approach.Python scripts and data sets
Parliamentary voting proceduresImplementations for both Manipulation and Agenda Control for the amendment procedure and the successive procedure.C++ source code; readme
Highly Connected DeletionThis package contains the source and the test data for a solver for the Highly Connected Deletion problem.readme; data+code
Well-connected 2-clubTool for finding well-connected 2-clubs. The implementation can find the support the t-robust, t-hereditary, and the t-connected 2-club model.source code + program; readme
DTW-MeanImplementation of a Dynamic Program computing a mean of time series in dynamic time warping spaces.Java source code
Maximum MatchingImplementations of both weighted and unweighted reduction rules for maximum matching.C++ source code
Dynamic Temporal Graph WarpingImplementation of the dtgw-distance algorithms.Python package
Isolated Temporal CliquesEnumeration algorithm for isolated temporal cliques.Python code
Cluster EditingJava-Implementation for transforming a given input graph into a cluster graph (disjoint union of cliques) with a minimum number of edge modifications.Implementation & readme
Persistent graphsEnumeration of persistent graphs.Rust code
Binary DTW-MeanImplementation of fast DTW-Mean algorithms for binary data.Python source code
RLE DTWImplementation of fast exact DTW for run-length encoded time series.C++ source code