Theoretische Physik mit dem Schwerpunkt komplexe Fluide

Auswahl an Postern vergangener Semester

Seminarvorträge aus früheren Semestern

Sommersemester 2023

19.04. Verteilung Seminarvorträge
03.05.Vincent Stegmaier (FAU Erlangen)Estimation of environmental effects on the absorption spectrum of photoconvertible fluorescent proteins using a point charge model
10.05.Victor Rosty-Forgach (HU Berlin)Signal detection in neural systems
24.05.Jakob Eberhardt 
31.05.Alexander KettrukatFeedback-driven particles
07.06.Georg Richard ScherzerAn introduction to the Vicsek-model
14.06.Lea Louise FernandezNon equilibrium behaviour of a trapped particle in a complex medium
21.06.Maren Castor Zapata (PTB)Model uncertainties in Bayesian inverse problems
05.07.Marco KliemNavigation strategies for active Brownian particles
12.07.Robert Fery (FU Berlin)MD simulations of interactions of fluorinated Tryptophan with amino acids

Wintersemester 2022/2023

20.10. Verteilung Seminarvorträge
27.10.Rainer Klages (Queen Mary University of London)Stochastic processes with finite propagation velocity
03.11. no meeting
10.11. no meeting
17.11.Kim KreienkampA non-reciprocal chiral active system
24.11. no meeting
01.12. tba
08.12.Can KahrimanShear-driven confined colloids
15.12. tba
05.01. tba
12.01.Lea FernandezNon-Markovian colloidal system
19.01.Henning ReinkenOnset of mesoscale turbulence
26.01.Salman Fariz NavasMarkov state modelling in non-equilibrium
02.02.Robin KoppFlocking in a delayed system
09.02. tba

Sommersemester 2022

20.04. Verteilung Seminarvorträge
27.04.Zahra Mokhtari (FU Berlin)Spontaneous trail formation in populations of auto-chemotactic walkers
04.05.Yagmur KatiTurbulent fluids
11.05.Wilhelm KielkopfSurface growth
18.05.Lea Louise FernandezColloidal particle in a trap subject to shear flow
25.05.Kim KreienkampCollective behavior of repulsive chiral active particles with non-reciprocal couplings
01.06.Marcel HülsbergDepinning and structural transitions in confined colloidal dispersions under oscillatory shear
08.06.Robin KoppEmergence of collective motion in two-dimensional colloidal systems with delayed feedback
15.06.Jinglan Wutba
22.06.Marco KliemMachine learning the navigation of an active Brownian particle in disordered media
29.06.Mohsen KhademAnomaly induced phase-separation of passive particles seminar-
13.07.Johannes KosterLotka-Volterra equations describing a self-sustaining oscillation in torus plasmas seminar-
21.07.Leo SchülenNetwork Theory (14 Uhr, EW 733)

Wintersemester 2021/2022

27.10.Yagmur KatiEnergy harvesting in (active) turbulence
03.11.Toni Siegltba
10.11.Yang Felix WangUnderdamped Brownian particle in a one-dimensional potential
17.11. No Seminar
24.11.Johannes Schmidttba
01.12.Kim KreienkampDerivation of field equations for non-reciprocal systems
08.12.Xavier TitzPhenomenological minimal model for mesoscale turbulence
05.01.Salman FarizCoarse-grained description of self-assembled systems
12.01. No Seminar
19.01.Lea Fernandeztba
26.01.Mohsen Khademtba
02.02.Elisabeth Lemaitretba

Sommersemester 2021

14.04. Verteilung Seminarvorträge
21.04.Johannes Schmidttba
28.04.Marcel HülsbergDepinning of confined colloidal dispersions under oscillatory shear
05.05.Robin KoppClustering and emergence of collective motion in colloidal systems with delayed feedback
12.05.Mohsen KhademStochastic thermodynamics of anomalous processes
19.05.Elisabeth LemaitreActive Brownian motion - the special case of diffusing diffusivity
26.05.Lea Fernandeztba
02.06.Valentina AlberiniRolie-Poly model applications to wormlike micellar solutions
09.06.Iwan PhilipsInterlayer synchronisation in networks of coupled oscillators under the influence of multiplexing noise
16.06.Henning ReinkenTransport of passive tracers in mesoscale turbulence